Sergei Miledin

Sergei Miledin


I have a Bachelor's Degree in media from Hunter College in NYC. I have been published in a few college papers and have received awards from the New Jersey College Press. I also interned for Bleacher Report as an editor.

I was born in Moscow, Russia and moved to New Jersey at the age of six. At some point in high school I realized that I would never become a professional athlete and decided the only legal way to make money while involving sports was to become a journalist.

I am a fan of all four major US sports as well as soccer. I avidly follow the New Jersey Devils, New Jersey Nets, New York Jets, New York Yankees as well as Chelsea FC and Spartak Moscow FC.

I recently became the lone community leader for the New York Jets and will look to help build the page to it's highest potential.

I also write about Russian hockey players in the NHL. Those writings and more can be found

Recently I began writing about the New York Red Bulls on These works can be seen on

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  • Chris Faig posted 2635 days ago

    Chris Faig

    hey man, you hear about the revis' grandmother...

  • try p posted 2971 days ago

    try p

    HEY! Could ya check this out!!!

  • Sam Fogelgaren posted 2994 days ago

    Sam  Fogelgaren

    Hey Sergei,
    Here's my list of the 25 greatest offensive players in Jets history. A read and a comment would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks a lot,
    Sam Fogelgaren

  • Sergey Zikov posted 3005 days ago

    Sergey Zikov

    Haha right. Well, I actually had heard that Roma was interested in Sheva in any case. I'm not sure Pav will come to Zenit, I think his heart is still with Spurs and he wants to succeed there, but if he returns to Russia he will go to Spartak.

    Last I saw was that Zenit offered two years for Sheva. And I sincerely hope that happens, he is still very talented. We need a striker.

    I'm writing about Bystrov now. It's still odd that he is coming back, I don't know why. We've got used to seeing him in a Spartak uniform.

  • Sergey Zikov posted 3005 days ago

    Sergey Zikov

    That isn't terrible. Before I heard it was in the area of 15 million and that is a ridiculous figure for him.

    Zenit have been looking for a capable striker all summer, Sheva would be great. We need someone who can finish. The match against Nacional was unreal, I think we had 25 shots and nobody could finish anything. We have 10 guys who can set up goals but nobody to put them in the net.

    Sheva will probably go to Roma unless Zenit decide to throw a ton of money at him, because we're desperate. They were even looking at Koller for God's sake.

  • Sergey Zikov posted 3005 days ago

    Sergey Zikov

    I just saw that. I'm as confused as you are, I have no idea why they wanted him back. No offense he is a fine player but we have so many gifted midfielders already!

    I think they are secretly planning on playing a 4-6-0.

    What was the final price on Bystrov? I never saw.

  • Richard O'Neal posted 3008 days ago

    Richard O'Neal

    Jets rookie Sanchez had a tough night last night...check it out here.

    Please provide some comments on his first game as the Jets' starter.


  • David Wyatt posted 3010 days ago

    David Wyatt

    I would really appreciate your feedback on my latest article if you get the time to look it over.

    We as Jets fans should be the last people to write off unproven young receivers.

    Here is why:

    Thanks in advance

  • Sergey Zikov posted 3022 days ago

    Sergey Zikov

    I don't blame you there, I hate the offseason as much as anyone. But I've been blessed with the Penguins success recently. You should write some about Spartak if you have the chance, I try to promote Russian football whenever I can, but I'm lucky to get 50 reads on an article. I can't wait for the Germany match either, I can taste a world cup berth. I've believed we can go far ever since the victory over the Dutch at Euro.