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  • Yup.........done

  • Lol oh yeah TWD. I've just started to finally get hyped for this season. There's a lot of spoilers out there lately about who it might be but idk how true they are. I'll tell you the same thing I told Ray. If it's Darryl or Glenn I'm done.

  • I say "man" a lot

  • Yeah haha I feel you. I don't read any WWE articles on here anymore. I've lost my passion for it over the years but still watch just not as in tune with it as much. I use the app tho for other sports
    Wow man that's awesome all congrats to you man. Keep grindin man 2 years will fly by like nothin before you know it. What do you plan on for a career?
    Well it's good to talk to you again old friend. Send all the OG homies my best wishes if they ever ask.

  • Dang you replied hella quick haha you still use B/R on the daily? How's life been bro? Finished school, what's new with you?

  • So when's the wrestling card contest? I been working on it lately and think I can make a really good card. Also, is it you and Olli judging this week or who?

  • Follow The Jobbers posted 26 days ago

    Follow The Jobbers

    I loved when Piccolo became super namek. Wish it stayed this way but saiyans became too powerful and others stayed behind.
    I thought Androids 17 and 18 are gonna be next main villains when I first watched it. Never expected Cell.

  • Haha what's good man

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 27 days ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    Wtf bruh. Messaging me on my board like u dont have whats app. XDXDXDXD

  • Follow The Jobbers posted 27 days ago

    Follow The Jobbers

    Poor Bray. One of the best character WWE has produced in a decade and they make him job to the likes of Kane. Only wins pointless matches and loses everytime when it comes to the matches that actually matter. Goes after random opponents for no reason, wins the feud if the opponent is pointless and always loses to credible ones. And claims to be god lol. Here's hoping SD creative can turn the tide like they did with Slater.
    Also whats your situation on DBZ?