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My name is Zach Ricchiuti and I've been an avid Arsenal fan for several years. I enjoy covering the BPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, MLS, and basically any other soccer topic I can think of. I enjoy closing my eyes and pretending Theo Walcott is Thierry Henry, watching Wilshere zip past opposing team's midfielders, and holding my breath whenever a cross is sent into the Arsenal penalty area.

I believe Cristiano Ronaldo deserves more respect than people give him even though he's second best to Messi who is as he is aptly dubbed by his team-mates, "from another universe". It is a global travesty that Andrea Pirlo was overlooked for the Fifa World XI for 2012 and Juventus are one striker away from being one of the best teams in Europe.

Manchester United will probably win the 2012/2013 Premier League title and it will be because of one player and one player alone. I still refuse to speak his name unless absolutely necessary. Chelsea fans should be overjoyed that Rafa Benitez is their manager, his achievements speak for themselves in England and Spain, despite his spell at Inter, which was frankly destined to fail from the minute Mourinho left with Materazzi's tears still moist on his shoulder.

MLS needs to stop recruiting elderly players and focus more on bringing through young American talent and paying them competitively to keep them in the league. It's no good when the best and most exciting young American players are wasting away in the German and Danish second division. When you see what Landon Donovan has done for this league, it becomes painfully obvious that the answer is not more 35 year old designated players, but rather young American superstars who can grow the league storyline and then move to Europe for a big transfer fee. Aspiring to be the Brazilian league is nothing to be ashamed of for MLS.

That's how I feel about some of the biggest topics in world soccer. I have a lot to say and I can't wait to start writing.

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