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  • George O'Bryan posted 1745 days ago

    George O'Bryan

    I'm like you and everyone else at this point. We'll have to wait until Spring to see what happens, but if anything changes I'll let you know

  • George O'Bryan posted 1745 days ago

    George O'Bryan

    Gregg: During the 2012 Season only occasionally did you hear a mention of Logan Moore. He wasn't even given credit with practicing as QB. All the focus was on the two scholarship players, Mallard and Childress. However, in the two or three times he was mentioned Coach Spiv, Geno, Stedman, and Tevon, all stated that Moore was even with Childress and both were nearly where Mallard was at learning the offense.

    Moore is an athlete. He can play Safety or Receiver. He has a good arm, is accurate, and has speed, and he can run with the ball from the QB position. All these are good, but his down fall is his size for he is only 5'11" and 195 pounds. Look for Logan to play, but due his size not at QB. I think with all the QBs coming in, that Moore will end up as a receiver. Moore has stated during interviews that all he wants to do is play, and he didn't care what position.

    Moore is a talent, and even though he didn't get the media attention he deserved, I don't think it was fair to treat him as though he didn't exist, which is what happened since he is not on a scholarship, and he couldn't play last year due to NCAA Transfer Rules.

    It will be interesting to see where he ends up, but look for him to get playing time.