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  • Sports Lover 2.0 posted 1715 days ago

    Sports  Lover 2.0

    You come regularly?

  • Sports Lover posted 1719 days ago

    Sports Lover

    why just 1 comment?

  • Mike Chiari posted 1720 days ago

    Mike  Chiari

    Hi Hunter. Based on your criteria, I don't think we'll see Ryback lose cleanly as long as he's a face. The top faces rarely lose cleanly, including Cena and Sheamus. Sheamus did lose to Big Show, but he was basically undefeated for a year before that in terms of clean wins.

  • Mike Chiari posted 1729 days ago

    Mike  Chiari

    Thanks for the comment, Hunter. I was never a Goldberg fan at all, so I'm not personally interested in seeing him return and I don't anticipate we will in an in-ring capacity. Having him sign a legends contract so he can be inducted into the Hall of Fame and have merchandise released is a real possibility, but it feels to me like he's been out of the game too long and isn't all that interested in returning.

  • Hunter Morphis posted 1733 days ago

    Hunter  Morphis

    No problem! Keep on writing great articles. I guess we will just have to see!

  • Mike Chiari posted 1733 days ago

    Mike  Chiari

    Hey Hunter. Somebody actually did bring the CM Punk/Shield thing to my attention and I listened to it. I admit that it does sound like him, but I'm not sure it means anything. It would be cool if it did, but it's hard to tell something like that from one word and I doubt the WWE would plant such a subtle seed. Punk may very well be a part of the group, but I don't think it will have anything to do with the theme. Thanks for reading!

  • Hunter Morphis posted 1740 days ago

    Hunter  Morphis

    I think that would benefit the WWE more. I hope Austin has one last match at Wrestlemania, preferably against Punk.

  • SMG posted 1740 days ago


    Thanks so much! Your feedback and compliments are greatly appreciated. I am more excited about the idea of Austin being back, but Batista would be great too!

  • Hunter Morphis posted 1741 days ago

    Hunter  Morphis

    I agree. Thank you for your input. We can only hope.

  • Graham GSM Matthews posted 1741 days ago

    Graham GSM Matthews

    I'd really hope so, but I doubt it. If you're referring to Raw's 20th Anniversary, I think it'd be difficult to get him back for that show. He might return at some point down the line, but I don't anticipate it being anytime soon.