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  • Steve Backs posted 1305 days ago

    Steve Backs

    ***Pumping away Idiots and Trolls from B/R"
    JOIN ME IN MY QUEST to eliminate these idiots from BR!Section by Section, from the team I hate the most Manchester United!

    Jihoon Nam
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    -David Teo (No written consent yet, but hates Mazoomy so there goes!)
    -Sergey Karasev (Has already tried to exterminate BR idiots, but failed!)
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  • Abz posted 1364 days ago


    That's a good point about the tactician, it would be nice to have Carlos Quieroz back. In my opinion, we've regressed since he's gone (tactically, obviously we've still grinded out results but we've always used a flat 4-4-2).

    About the signings, I feel we'll miss out on players who seek CL football but we'll still land real quality. For example, if we were in the CL I think we'd get something like this:

    CB - Dante
    LB - Coentrao
    CM - Kroos
    RM - Farfan

    But without CL, we'll probably get (players who aren't in the CL to start with but still the same level as players listed above - apart from Kroos):

    CB - Benatia/Lovren
    LB - Shaw (unless Chelsea go for him), Monero?
    CM - Gundogan
    RM - Farfan? Not sure which wingers we're linked with atm...

    I just thought that SAF picked Moyes simply because he reminded him of himself a few years ago. Mourinho isn't a long term manager and Pep was already taken by the best team in Europe. So we didn't really have any choices tbh. Moyes has PL experience and knew the players but he's just played it safe too much and it's backfired completely. Now that there's nothing to play for I'd like to see more risks being taken. More of a attack minded formation, something to make the fans optimistic for next season, you know?

    I agree, 100%, but he left for family reasons apparently, so we can't really judge him on that, it's harsh don't you think?

  • Abz posted 1365 days ago


    I have to agree with everything you've said because quite frankly it's all true, but realistically do you see him being sacked in 2014?

  • Abz posted 1366 days ago


    Well he won't be sacked so I'll continue to support him because we both want what's best for the club.

  • Abz posted 1387 days ago


    Give him time, Sandeep! He'll prove you wrong, everyone is behind him at the games, we need to support him even though he's made some stupid calls. Give him some more time and he'll prove you wrong hopefully!

  • Dan Riaz posted 1403 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Thank you :D Im back now :D

  • Abz posted 1424 days ago


    Exactly it's really annoying!

  • Rio Ferdinand posted 1427 days ago

    Rio Ferdinand

    i deserved a new contract

  • Dan Riaz posted 1428 days ago

    Dan Riaz


    Transfer chances...

    - Gundogan: 4/5 = Gundogan said he wants to leave Dortmund at the end of the season. He's been out with injury, however, is the kind of player we're looking for. So I can see us trying to go after him. But I say 4 because its unlikely that he'll choose us over Madrid/Barca.

    - Reus 3/5 = Nothing is impossible. Thing is, Reus is a Dortmund player through and through. It would've been the same as a club trying to sign Giggs years ago. The thing that makes me say 3, he's had a REALLY rough season at Dortmund since they're expecting him to carry the team. He looks frustrated and unsettled. If he was to ever consider leaving, it would be now.

    - Koke 3/5 = Thing is, he rejected interest. I mean, we will try for him again Im sure. But I think we'll have to do some convincing in order to get him.

    Its weird how Gundogan is the most likely IMO

    Herrera is decent, but not as good as the above.

  • Abz posted 1430 days ago


    Yeah unless Roma really need the money I don't see Strootman coming to United. Missed our chance with him. So annoyed.
    Matuidi would be cup tied but still would be a welcome addition!

    I have faith in Fletch too but he's been through so much I don't think it's right to put so much pressure onto him. You can't expect him to get back to that form just yet. It's too risky to just rely on him. We NEED to spend in Jan or it'll be a disaster.

    I think it's a great idea to bring Powell back. Shouldn't have loaned him out in the first place! And now, he's been playing as a striker pretty much, it's a shame because I wanted him to gain some experience in CM.