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Jacob Hazen

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I was born in New Jersey, and i grew up rooting for the New Jersey Devils. I didn't discover football until i was around 8, but i picked the right team in the New York Football Giants. I also am a lifelong Jeff Gordon fan. The downside to these team choices is i was picked on because of them. Bullies just used my love of New Jersey sports and Jeff Gordon as fuel to torment me to near mental breakdown (but thats a story not to be told). I moved to New York state around 6 1/2 years ago, and i still keep up with NJ sports. I watch as many Devils and Giants games and NASCAR races as possible. I try to attend Devils games, but the closest ive gotten since i moved to NY is an Elmira Jackals-Trenton Devils game. I would love to be a Devils beat writer for Bleacher Report. I am an Eagle Scout and proud of it.

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