David Krupansky

David Krupansky


Retired Navy Chief (24 Years)

I started watching the Browns in 1963. I had a summer job at browns training camp in Hiram as a kid. Bob Gains gave me a ticket to see a pre-season double header that year. I remember some guy offering me $50.00 for the ticket but I said "No!".The Giants (Y.A. Title) vs Lions (Norm Sneed) and the Browns (Frank Ryan) Vs Packers (Bart Starr) . The only thing I remember is Lou (The Toe) Groza Kinking a last Minute field goal to win the game. That year 3 Cleveland Browns lost their lives Tom Flemming (Auto Accident), Ernie Green ( Leukemia) ,and Dom Fleming (Electrocuted While working at a off season job). That was another thing, almost all the Browns had off season jobs because they never made much money playing pro ball. Lou Groza drove a Beer Truck in the off season. One time the players were weighing in ,and a bunch of us kids were watching. First Jim Browns jumped on the scales he had a 32" waste nothing muscle: then Pot Belly Lou Groza was next , all us kids start laughing at him. He went Greeee pickup a couple of us up and through us in the laudry hamper. After practice alot of the Browns would go to Freedom Inn (Freedom Township) and consum a couple cases of beer and a huge serving plater of ham sandwiches (each). Lou Groza was always the first one to get there. Lou must have had a 60 + inch waste alot of us could never understand how he could see a ball when he kicking field goals. The Cleveland Browns were part on our community ,and we love them. when the Browns moved it's training camp from Hiram to Beria it broke our hearts.

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