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I go through B/R accounts faster than some people go through socks. My real profile is on Kelly McAvoy that you can link on my "Favorite Writers" list if you're looking for the idiot that made the comment that brought you here. This is much easier than going through the trouble of reinstating... You can tap out with the "offended" button all you want once you start the fight and I retaliate. It's just your way of saying you can't handle the truth. Your bruised hubris still knows I nailed you to the wall. Be a gentleman (or a lady) - I'll be your friend. Be a troublemaker - I'll be your worst nightmare. I consider myself a spokesman for the silent, well-meaning majority. As I've said before, if you can't take the heat, you really shouldn't turn on the stove. You'll just get your feelings hurt and I'll get a new link to the link to my real account and come back on you like it's the fourth quarter on an Alabama gridiron. Other than that? Once again, I'll keep it "civil". ;-)

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  • Kyle Fields posted 588 days ago

    Kyle Fields

    Hey Kelly, I just checked your "old" account & left a test message. It seemed to be working just fine. Regardless, It was a nice message from you this morning & I appreciate it. I'm definitely gald to have met you in 2012 & look forward to visiting in 2013. I'm sure I will be here a lot less without College Football going on, but recruiting & whatnot may keep me checking in. God Bless.

  • Eric posted 588 days ago


    Kelly, I'm glad I helped you become more interested in the title game...too bad it wasn't more interesting. Although I would be dumb if I didn't think that you Crimson Tide folks didn't have just a righteously rip-roaring good time watching it all unfurl. Rightfully so! So we're at 2-5 all time now (or 5-2 from my perspective)...

    I do agree there's no experience like national title game experience. Golson learned a lot, same with all the sophomores and juniors on defense! They learned what it takes to be the best, and whether or not they can do that is one thing - but at least I believe the loss will give them a drive they may have lacked before. I was telling a buddy of mine (who's an Aggie - hence my warning) that I'd print out 35-0 and 42-14 and plaster them all over the locker room, weight room etc.. and use that as a motivating factor for the next season. If I were the Tide I'd do the same. I'd strive for perfection, and a shutout the next go around.

    Did you see there is still 1 computer voting the Irish as number 1? Ha! Technology is fantastic isn't it?!

    As for everything else, indeed, God Bless and take care during the off-season. Go Irish. The Tide sure did Roll!

  • JJ85 Reveille posted 588 days ago

    JJ85 Reveille

    Thanks for becoming a fan Kelly. Hope this account keeps you going a few seasons.