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As a 25-year-old Sports-enthusiast, especially with a love for both baseball and college football, Brandon Buell resides near and works in the Tampa, Florida Sports Complex. Home of Tampa Bay Buccaneers and South Florida Bulls Football and New York Yankees' Spring Training and Minor League Baseball, this ideal location is just the beginning of his sports journey, and he tries to contribute to this site as often as possible.

He is a fan of the Atlanta Braves, Florida State Seminoles, Pittsburgh Steelers, Orlando Magic, and Kentucky Wildcats because of where he has lived and the home that he grew up in. He misses the day when baseball was not notoriously known for the Barry Bonds', the Alex Rodriguez's and Manny Ramirez's of the sport, and when college athletes understood the importance of a 4-year education and helping their respected University establish continuity in athletics.

He believes in the one true God, knows the importance of religion, faith, family and friends in his own life, has his priorities in order, stands for the Pledge of Allegiance and the 7th Inning Stretch, and hates the BCS.

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  • Robert posted 1728 days ago


    Thought you might enjoy this article:

  • Jonny S posted 1792 days ago

    Jonny S

    Hey Brandon, hope all is well buddy. Here are my week 5 predictions. Take care!

  • Jonny S posted 1806 days ago

    Jonny S

    Hey Brandon, here are my predictions for all the top 25 games this week and a handful of other games. if you get a sec to stop by I'd appreciate, thanks dude

  • Ben Brown posted 1970 days ago

    Ben Brown


    Can I ask a favor from you. I'm probably going to be leaving this site soon due to the fact that I'm probably going to be taking an internship with Next Season Sports. I need someone to try and get through to these people on here that God is the creator and the only way to heaven. I've tried a few times in articles but I don't want to leave without knowing that they will still get a Christianity in sports every once in a while. There is another guy named Henry and a few other guys who are Christians on here.

    Ben Brown

  • Ben Brown posted 1973 days ago

    Ben Brown

    Never mind, I guess you aren't from Ohio. I just don't see Cleveland getting all three awards. Especially Cy Young for Pavano.

  • Justin Goar posted 2274 days ago

    Justin  Goar

    Thanks for the comment on my article. My last comment on the page was referring to an extremely offensive and classless post by an ohio state fan. because of the language in it, it has since been deleted. I know some LSU fans come off as arrogant but I promise you the majority of our fan base are passionate knowledgable fans who love college football. I basically only respond negatively to people that are way off base.

    You seem like a reasonable guy but I didn't want to you to get a bad taste in your mouth from some of the comments after that article. That Jimson guy is a Kansas fan who is at war with most of the people on this site. BUt I don't mind him because his arguments are so far gone they are humorous to me. But he draws a reaction to say the least.

    Just thought my last comment before yours was posted needed to be explained. thanks a bunch.

  • Sam Wenk posted 2291 days ago

    Sam Wenk

    Yeah welcome to the team. This site is awesome and recently signed an agreement with Fox, so if you can write, you WILL get the opportunity you always dreamed of. Writing columns is tough, I suck at it and have it took me forever to write a legitimate one. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading your material in the future!