Matthew Thompson

Matthew Thompson


Big Spurs Fan, and of course from San Antonio. Now living up in the Big "D" and wow how I miss my Spurs. Up here it's just so different, I mean in San Antonio WOAI covered all the Spurs games, here, well I do hear about the Mavs now and then. Mostly it's the Rangers, I mean I do love baseball but just not that big of a fan. We do have alot more things to do, football, basketball, nascar, hockey, ect... but I'm not one that has the money to go too the games. I catch them on TV or the radio, just thank God I can catch WOAI in my car at nights to hear the Spurs in reg. season. Other than that I'm new here, strong Christian and enjoy talking Sports of course, and God, should be the other way around but I seem to bring Him into everything, lol. Have a Blessed Day! And as a old weather forcaster always said that I picked up, "Remember to Hug Somebody as it will Make you feel GREAT!!

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  • Andrew Kneeland posted 3530 days ago

    Andrew Kneeland

    Thanks for the pick-of-the-day vote! Glad you liked it!

  • TJ Zwarych posted 3536 days ago

    TJ Zwarych

    Thanks for the kind comments and welcome to Bleacher Report. Considering how smart you are for saying you liked my article:P I loook forward to reading your stuff in the future.