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  • Damien Sandow posted 1597 days ago

    Damien  Sandow


    Charles Caleb Colton said, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." My good Sir, you have been duped by a charlatan who claims to be me! He has even misspelled my name! And to protect the integrity of myself and my namesake I have made mention of his egregious crime with the following response:

    Since I am the original parody, there is no doubt that my most verbose namesake would be flattered by my homage. What is more endearing to him and the IWC is my meticulous matching of marvelous musing mastered by Sandow.

    As much muttering and mutilated misgivings you may muster, Mister, may my mentor mute your mouth for misleading misconduct whilst you maim the spelling of my name.

    Any more moronic makeshift mimicry making mention of me may mean the masses mobilize a massive movement mentioning to monitors the mere mortal who means to misrepresent me.

    Many months of making mention of my Mentor, may make meek your motive malign and malignant malevolence one of miscognizance.

    Quia ego sum prima parodiam!

    In closing, I am certain a man of your intellect would have seen this rogue for what he is and you may have, in your shock and dismay, added the wrong Savior of the Masses. Completely understandable. I bid you well illuminated one!

    You are welcome!