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  • The Vehicle posted 1622 days ago

    The  Vehicle

    Hey no problem, I need to get more active on BR anyways and this is a big part of that. Well that was a really nice win, it was only Wigan but still to win in the first competitive match feels great. I like your point on Kondogbia but seeing how Sevilla has already sold 5 first team players this summer, all to other Premier League sides, I don't think they'd be inclined to make it a 6th especially a prospect like Geoffery.

    I guess Bayern do have a point though, he really is just 3rd best (4th best now because Pep is apparently biased for Thiago) in the lineup. What I don't get is how Arsenal is about to walk away with Gustavo with no pressure from any other club. I mean everyone recognizes his ability but no one wants him?! Pretty depressing if you ask me, speaking about depression though, what do you make of a certain Mr. Rooney lately, too injured to show up today but fit enough to likely start against (your?) Scotland four days later.

    I thought you lived in America since you support those teams in your 'Likes' page, well then gotta cross off fortune telling from my future careers list....Anyways how's OT holding up? I haven't gone in a while since I'm at the other side of the pond but I've been trying to get a date in to come see a game for a while now. Also you have a kid? NICE, you're older than I thought you'd be but again my judging skills aren't exactly top-notch.

  • The Vehicle posted 1624 days ago

    The  Vehicle

    Also to add to that 'article' below I want to say that I'm asking you because you are pretty active on United articles and look like you know your stuff, a bit informal but meh, I was never good at introductions.

  • The Vehicle posted 1624 days ago

    The  Vehicle

    This is just embarrassing 2 wins in 5 for a preseason is just shocking and with Wigan coming up for the Community Shield it's looking more and more like a nervy finish. Moyes has definitely underachieved so far and the lack of signings just heightens all the critique. A bit more than 3 weeks left and no solid news of a transfer in the process. In my opinion we still have some options available to us. My choices (in order, and with value of worth, supposedly)

    1. Gündoğan (£30 Million) [Fantastic midfielder, the piece of the puzzle that fits better than anyone else in our gaping midfield. An exact solution, but a low chance of arrival.]

    2. Eriksen (£25 Million) [Another fantastic young lad that has huge potential, but is a bit more attacking then is what is required. Not to say we shouldn't get him our mantra under Fergie was always attack is the best form if defense and adding Christian would only continue on with the winning formula.

    3. Gustavo (£20 Million) [A midfielder coming off a terrific treble with Bayern but with him falling down the pecking order at the Allianz a swoop for around the £20 Mill aforementioned would get us a Brazilian starting midfielder and a quality player.

    4. De Rossi (£15 Million) [A short term solution {well not really Italians usually go on for a while} that would fit straight into the space with Carrick and provide the defensive cover we've been yearning for so long.

    5. Fellaini (£25 Million) [Was a last choice option for me at the start of the window, but seeing how we're so weak in midfield physically Fellaini would be a sound option. Moyes is familiar with the boy's talents and having proven what he can do in the Premiership he seems a very good option.]

    I miss Ferguson, a lot :(

  • Simon Edmonds posted 1657 days ago

    Simon Edmonds

    Hello Kathleen. I wont lie, I have little to no knowledge of why Scottish football has dipped so drastically in recent years. Being a 21-year-old from Kent (one of the most southern counties in England) I was born into a world where Scottish football was already seriously on the decline. My location also means I have little to no exposure to the Scottish game other than what Sky Sports News tells me every Saturday—which as you can imagine is limited at best. It is a very interesting idea for an article, but to be quite frank, I would have no idea what I was talking about if I attempted to write it. I'm sure there are other FC's on here who know more though, so if you want to see it then give one of them a buzz and see what they say :)