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A former reporter for Sports Illustrated, Merlisa Lawrence Corbett began her career as a journalist while a student at the University of South Florida. While most of her friends spent the weekends partying, Merlisa covered sports for the St. Petersburg Times and Lakeland Ledger. She covered high school and college sports for the Tampa Tribune and Staten Island (NY) Advance. She left the Advance to become the youngest member of the Pittsburgh Press sports staff, where she covered college football and basketball. She was also an assistant sports editor at America Online.

She wrote the foreword for Arthur R. Ashe, Jr.'s A Hard Road to Glory: Track and Field.

An avid tennis fan, Merlisa plays tennis three to four times a week in USTA leagues. She is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors. She splits her time between Central Florida and the Washington D.C. area.

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  • Agha Ullah posted 10 days ago

    Agha Ullah

    Cibulkova is ranked 49 because of an injury that has sidelined her from playing competitive tennis since February; not because of erratic play, which you so conveniently implied in your article about Haleps struggles. Do you even follow tennis?

  • Matteo Mancini posted 147 days ago

    Matteo Mancini

    Merlisa: what is your opinion on rising star from Kazakhstan Zarina Diyas? Please let me know

  • Rosamond - Ros.M. Dopwell posted 197 days ago

    Rosamond  - Ros.M. Dopwell

    Could you explain? - Please
    1/. how does one get awards? AND ~~
    2/ the correlation between - Comments written and ~~ rank

    I have 889 Comments Written (Triple digits) AND Incidentally I feel as though I have written far more Comments
    No Awards

    Rank = 2,013 ( Four (4) digits AND
    I observe that many whom I see as *"Putting in less Leg-Work" via making less Comments, have accumulated Triple digits in Rank (???)

  • Rosamond - Ros.M. Dopwell posted 198 days ago

    Rosamond  - Ros.M. Dopwell

    I can't find a way to post on *Your Bulletin Board
    At Bernice Frankl
    I feel such overwhelming ~ RELIEF ~ I thought that I was the only one who finds that the WTA Website~~ is LOPSIDED ~ Biased Pro Sharapova and AGAINST Serena! Look at the photos which they usually run .... Sharapova // Sharapova // Aga Radwanska // Sharapova ~~> again!

  • Rosamond - Ros.M. Dopwell posted 198 days ago

    Rosamond  - Ros.M. Dopwell

    IS Serena playing or NOT? IF Not ~~(?) What happened between her playing one match ~~ and disappearing?

  • Bernice Frankl posted 230 days ago

    Bernice Frankl

    Just want a reality check on this. Am I the only one seeing this with a 3rd eye? This is the summary the fan have to use to determine their vote for the "The player of the year." I read a lot and sometimes you don't read every word you skim and glance down the middle and the paragraph and when I read Serena's summary I see words like "disappointing" "disaster" "failures". Compare and contrast this to the other summaries of selected players. Tell me I'm just paranoid or has the WTA just proved what I have always known about their bias against Serena.

    "Serena Williams: With titles in Brisbane, Miami and Rome, it would be churlish to describe the first half of Williams' season as disappointing. Yet, while it was certainly no disaster, by her own high standards, failures at the Australian Open, Roland Garros and Wimbledon saw the World No.1 head to the hardcourts of North America eager to prove a point. And prove a point she did, willing herself back into form in July and August, before capping off this turnaround by waltzing to a sixth US Open. Williams then followed this up by overcoming a humbling round robin loss to Simona Halep to emerge victorious at the WTA Finals."

  • wendy posted 249 days ago


    Thanks for your message Merlisa, that's kind of you, although I'm not holding my breath! And just to underline the point I made - today ANOTHER article about Nadal not appearing for the rest of the year! That has already been covered, so all the writer is doing is regurgitating what has already been said. What's the point? And still, all the old articles being shuffled about. It's pretty shocking.

  • wendy posted 250 days ago


    I know you occasionally reply Merlisa, so you do at least give the comments on your article a cursory glance. But what's happened to the tennis section? Absolutely nothing about the semi finals of the women's WTF - no article about who might win the final between Halep and Serena - despite the rout Serena suffered at the hands of Halep only a few days ago. Nothing about Valencia or Basel, apart from Nadal shutting down his year after being turfed out by Coric.

    If you don't give tennis fans any articles to comment on, other than when one or other of the main guys suffer a defeat, then all you're going to get is nasty comments between Federer/Nadal fans! I've noticed in the last few months how very few new articles there are. All b/r does now is swap (very) old articles around. I've found a blog where one guy writes all the articles - and in fact did 3(!) the other day. And b/r, with many more writers, can barely manage 1/2 per week now it seems! I know Jeremy has said that he can only do one due to other commitments. Do you not have any writers now who enjoy tennis?

  • Janet Harpold posted 269 days ago

    Janet Harpold

    Merlisa - you come across as pretty whiny yourself. Awfully smug and superior, too, with your overused "Rafa, Rafa, Rafa" line. If the players don't speak out about things, the greedy tournament directors and officials will run roughshod over them.To act as if silence and acceptance of all circumstances are more important than great sportsmanship is pretty short-sighted. You should be ashamed of yourself for acting so superior.

  • Noah Yan posted 269 days ago

    Noah Yan

    why are you fat and ugly