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A former reporter for Sports Illustrated, Merlisa Lawrence Corbett began her career as a journalist while a student at the University of South Florida. While most of her friends spent the weekends partying, Merlisa covered sports for the St. Petersburg Times and Lakeland Ledger. She covered high school and college sports for the Tampa Tribune and Staten Island (NY) Advance. She left the Advance to become the youngest member of the Pittsburgh Press sports staff, where she covered college football and basketball. She was also an assistant sports editor at America Online.

She wrote the foreword for Arthur R. Ashe, Jr.'s A Hard Road to Glory: Track and Field.

An avid tennis fan, Merlisa plays tennis three to four times a week in USTA leagues. She is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors. She splits her time between Central Florida and the Washington D.C. area.

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  • Jack Morris posted 15 days ago

    Jack Morris

    I just read your article on Serena stacking up against the top males and I'm not sure if you're comparing them by their accolades or their actual game but if you are basing it off skill Serena would not win a game against any of those players you named let a lone beat them.

  • J Beer posted 48 days ago

    J Beer

    @RM Herold, maybe the senior editors van explain then? I have read 1000 plus BR tennis articles and this is a first timer. Weak!

  • RM Herold posted 50 days ago

    RM Herold

    For all those who are wondering, writers don't control whether an article has comments or not. That is decided by Senior Editors after the article is turned in.

  • RM Herold posted 50 days ago

    RM Herold

    Great job with the Arthur Ashe piece.

  • Jason Beer posted 53 days ago

    Jason Beer

    What the heck is wrong with the fact that Monfils and Kyrgios are athletically gifted and that this is pointed out? Pete Sampras also jumped as high as MJ in his best days. Tommy Berdych is an example of 'white men can't fly'. Why would this be offending? And by the way: Kyrgios does lack discipline. Racist huh?

  • Elton Carolus posted 55 days ago

    Elton Carolus

    @Jason Beer
    Yep, she totally expects a backlash. I hear nothing but good things from commentators regarding Monfils. What I do hear is that he needs to stop playing hot shots and focus on serious tennis. Which is bloody right.

  • Jason Beer posted 56 days ago

    Jason Beer

    me too, but even my question 'why no comments' was nicely deleted by Merlisa, I reposted it.

  • Elton Carolus posted 56 days ago

    Elton Carolus

    Hi Merlisa. Why no comments on the Ashe article? Afraid of a backlash? As a minority I would like to air my views.

  • Jason Beer posted 56 days ago

    Jason Beer

    hi merlisa, why are comments not possible on the Ashe epistel you posted?

  • Agha Ullah posted 69 days ago

    Agha Ullah

    Cibulkova is ranked 49 because of an injury that has sidelined her from playing competitive tennis since February; not because of erratic play, which you so conveniently implied in your article about Haleps struggles. Do you even follow tennis?