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  • Laura Connors posted 1703 days ago

    Laura Connors

    Sorry I couldn't get back to you right away. A few days into my joining B/R and I already have to start a new account just to comment. What bullcrap.

    It's different in TNA. The Knockouts actually have a fanbase that looks forward to them every week. The Knockouts draw, the Divas do not. It's that simple. Just because it would work in one company doesn't mean it will work in the other. The philosophies are different and the consumer is different. WWE would be foolish to push the Divas more because there would be little to no gain in ratings. The fans need to show they want it first. The blog author did comment about the Knockouts if you scroll down to the bottom.

  • Jacen Fairchild posted 1707 days ago

    Jacen Fairchild

    Sir, blaming "creative" and "Vince" is not the answer. I suggest you to please read this blog so you can recognize the problem so you will find a solution to overcoming it.