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I am a huge racing fan for more then 15 years, I have competed in racing, been on pit crews, worked radio for a NASCAR station, won a NASCAR reality show, and now do marketing for NASCAR at every race. NASCAR and F-1 a the biggest racing franchises out there with the best drivers in the world.

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  • Jen Preston posted 3507 days ago

    Jen Preston

    I am a 29 fan die-hard!! LOL and yeah I'll totally look for ya in Kansas!

  • Marc Boland posted 3509 days ago

    Marc Boland

    I don't need to ask Dilner anything, the proof is his article claiming something that was never substantiated by him or his paycheck writers. That story was left open for over two years and never proved by him or his employers it was just left hanging in the air with no resolution.

    Who am I to judge? Guess what I have the same authority as you do, but I guess you operate under a different set of rules, a set that allows you to whine about someone commenting on your "for fun" writing.

    Just because you write "for fun" doesn't give you a pass at publishing patently false information. But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt show me a valid definition that shows a person of French-Canadian or a Scottish driver of Italian ancestry is a "minority" vice they being of a different nationality.