Kevin Ding
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Kevin Ding


NBA senior writer Kevin Ding (@KevinDing) covers the league for Bleacher Report, based out of Los Angeles.

He started out driven to fill up every page in the daily journal his mom gave him one childhood Christmas and wound up at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, The Miami Herald and the Orange County Register before B/R.

He has been a sportswriter covering the NBA since 1999. His column on Kobe Bryant and LeBron James was judged the No. 1 column of 2011 by the Pro Basketball Writers Association; his column on Jeremy Lin won second place in 2012.

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  • Danny Frikin Ainge posted 15 days ago

    Danny Frikin Ainge

    Kardashian's helping Harden find his rythm....... *insert james harden side eye gif*

  • Sean Belcher posted 16 days ago

    Sean Belcher

    Please just stop with the Lakers. In the frame of journalism, you've disrespected the ethical concept of objective viewpoint by continuing to focus on a team that has very little impact on the league at this point. Is it that because you live in LA and have covered the Lakers for some amount of time that you are no longer qualified to write about any other team that is actually relevant? I imagine that you've spent so much time cultivating connections within the Lakers organization that now you have no qualifications aside from the Lakers. You should be writing for something more regional, like the LA Times, not a national website. It's like if there was one national journalist who only wrote about the Pistons as if they were a national institution because they won some championships almost 20 years ago. No one wants to hear about a team that can't even win 25% of their games, no matter how you feel about their supposed legacy.

    If B/R understood the market, they would either pressure you to write about a team worth writing about, and I imagine the Clippers are geographically suitable for your new start, or relegate your articles to the back pages of the site. Ironically, your situation mirrors Kobe's: someone who is living off the value of their past work despite the fact that their most recent products are god-awful.

  • jhon alex posted 69 days ago

    jhon alex

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  • Gabriel Raymond posted 125 days ago

    Gabriel Raymond

    Just want to know if you've ever played basket ball and what level.
    That's what I thought!!!!!!!

  • carte b. posted 147 days ago

    carte b.

    Your articles suck. Get a new job. Take the hint and look at your comments here.

  • Jacob Rosenberg posted 183 days ago

    Jacob Rosenberg

    You're just mad that Dwight left LA and all y'all got was Lin. Have fun overpaying Kobe for the next 5 years when y'all resign him to max deal.

  • ndnpro64 posted 189 days ago


    Amazing that Bleacher Report is employing a Lin only fan

  • Danny Grids posted 190 days ago

    Danny Grids

    You are honestly one of the most pathetic writers of all time.

  • Sad Day posted 190 days ago

    Sad Day

    Are you really that much of an idiot to think a daughter is a distraction? You sir truly are an idiot

  • Smook A. posted 190 days ago

    Smook A.

    Pretty cold to call Howard out like you did after a 6'9, 200+ pound guy rolled over his knee. Dwight's injury could potentially be serious, and yet you're over here calling him out. You're an embarrassment to B/R.