Kevin Ding
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Kevin Ding


NBA senior writer Kevin Ding (@KevinDing) covers the league for Bleacher Report, based out of Los Angeles.

He has been a sportswriter covering the NBA since 1999. His pre-draft piece on the Lakers planning to select D'Angelo Russell took top honors for 2015 in the Pro Basketball Writers Association's "breaking news" category.

Ding's column on Kobe Bryant and LeBron James was judged the No. 1 column of 2011 by the PBWA, and his column on Jeremy Lin won second place in 2012.

Initially driven to fill up every page in the daily journal his mom gave him one childhood Christmas, Ding wound up at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, The Miami Herald and the Orange County Register before B/R.

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  • Albert Chang posted 163 days ago

    Albert Chang

    Kevin - I thought your article entitled "Curry Redefining Greatness in Post-MJ Era" was a refreshing angle on the whole '95-'96 Bulls versus '15-'16 Warriors discussion. I thought the observations on the difference in personalities between MJ and SC was particularly astute.

    Have you considered writing a longer article about the broader difference in culture between the two eras - in the NBA, in professional sports, and in the broader American society?

  • Jerry Poon posted 170 days ago

    Jerry Poon

    Kevin please write about Sam Hinkie. Lakers need him.

  • Dastaan Noor posted 180 days ago

    Dastaan Noor

    Love reading your articles. Keep up the good work.

  • Don Klosterman posted 180 days ago

    Don Klosterman

    Great piece on Anthony Davis, and how important his use of Alignmed's Posture Shirt has been. Imagine if the very vulnerable high school athletes adopted it widely. They play in immature bodies. There are over 1,000 active pro athletes in all the major sports playing in Alignmed. It's no secret. It's become quite the staple for many pro athletes.

  • Don Klosterman posted 180 days ago

    Don Klosterman

    Great piece on Anthony Davis, and how important his use of Alignmed has been. Imagine is the very vulnerable high school athletes adopted it widely. There are over 1,000 active athletes in all the major sports. It's become quite the staple for many pro athletes.

  • Dabbing posted 231 days ago


    Please never write another article again in your life. You're a terrible writer and everyone hates you on BR

  • Graham Gerell Bagood posted 296 days ago

    Graham Gerell Bagood

    I've read your article regarding the Philadelphia's tanking. My suggestion would be, instead of the bottom teams having the greater odds, why not reverse it? The teams who barely missed the playoffs should have the greater odds, in that case, teams will remain competitive because it has 2 options, make the playoffs and if they'd be cut off, they'd have greater odds in the lottery.

  • Tim The Redeemer posted 298 days ago

    Tim The Redeemer

    "From time to time, fans of Kobe Bryant will tell me they are thankful that I was around to cover his career."

    lol self-centered, much?

  • Danny Frikin Ainge posted 317 days ago

    Danny Frikin Ainge

    Kardashian's helping Harden find his rythm....... *insert james harden side eye gif*

  • Seanye West posted 318 days ago

    Seanye West

    Please just stop with the Lakers. In the frame of journalism, you've disrespected the ethical concept of objective viewpoint by continuing to focus on a team that has very little impact on the league at this point. Is it that because you live in LA and have covered the Lakers for some amount of time that you are no longer qualified to write about any other team that is actually relevant? I imagine that you've spent so much time cultivating connections within the Lakers organization that now you have no qualifications aside from the Lakers. You should be writing for something more regional, like the LA Times, not a national website. It's like if there was one national journalist who only wrote about the Pistons as if they were a national institution because they won some championships almost 20 years ago. No one wants to hear about a team that can't even win 25% of their games, no matter how you feel about their supposed legacy.

    If B/R understood the market, they would either pressure you to write about a team worth writing about, and I imagine the Clippers are geographically suitable for your new start, or relegate your articles to the back pages of the site. Ironically, your situation mirrors Kobe's: someone who is living off the value of their past work despite the fact that their most recent products are god-awful.