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NBA senior writer Kevin Ding (@KevinDing) covers the Los Angeles Lakers and the league at large for Bleacher Report.

He started out driven to fill up every page in the daily journal his mom gave him one childhood Christmas and wound up at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, The Miami Herald and the Orange County Register before B/R.

He has been a sportswriter covering the Lakers and the NBA since 1999. His column on Kobe Bryant and LeBron James was judged the No. 1 column of 2011 by the Pro Basketball Writers Association; his column on Jeremy Lin won second place in 2012.

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  • Adrian Wojnarowski posted 5 days ago

    Adrian Wojnarowski

    You. Two years ago. Complete reverse of the stance you took in your current article on Hack-a-Shaq. Funny that you felt that way back when Dwight Howard was on the Lakers, but now that it's DeAndre Jordan and the Clippers, you're totally fine with it. I actually believe that Hack-a-Shaq should remain a part of the game, but you, sir, have no journalistic integrity.

  • Joseph Apohen posted 8 days ago

    Joseph Apohen

    Would you listen to a guy about bringing the prima donna over the hill Rondo to the Lakers who could not even place Budenholzer in the top three coy?

  • Jay Dillon posted 14 days ago

    Jay Dillon

    Kevin Ding, you are an pinhead for not including Mike Budenholzer in the top three in your vote for NBA Coach of the Year. Are you kidding me? Budenholzer clearly did the best job of any coach in the league and you don't even include him in the top three? And you make a living writing about the NBA? What league are you watching? OMG! What a joke. Kevin Ding = no credibility.

  • Noah Pope posted 15 days ago

    Noah  Pope

    Dear Kevin Ding,

    I totally agree with your article that you published yesterday titled, “In Loss to Clips, Spurs Fall Victim to What Could Be Their Undoing: Satisfaction” When this season started we were without Tiago and Kawhi and many were worried as we continued to get hammered by the west’s best. However Spurs fans like myself were not worried as we know all too well that we should never doubt our team and that’s why we weren’t surprised when they started tearing through everybody during march and re-established our dominance in the NBA. That’s when I believe the team started becoming “satisfied”, it has become the norm for them. Everybody counts them out in the beginning no matter how impressive their past post-season was, then they just flip a switch and start to make all of the critics doubt themselves again. It happened this year again and they became complacent with themselves as we can clearly see with the last game of the season. This was the difference between them becoming the 2nd or 6th seed but they didn’t seem worried or stressed at all, they looked more content and sometimes even came off as arrogant and didn’t really fight Anthony Davis and co. for the seed. Then the same thing happened in Game 1; they let the Clips run all over them and still, as you stated, “The Spurs were uninspired, complacent...and defeated.” They need a reason to win; a burning fire in their heart similar to that of last year’s when they wanted to exact revenge on the Heat for the 2013 Finals. Now even though they don’t have much inspiration or any reason as to why the need to prove themselves they can’t be satisfied, they need to always want to get better or they will suffer the same fate as they did on Sunday three more times in this series and experience a first round exit.


    Noah Pope

  • q majesty posted 24 days ago

    q majesty

    Kevin if random teams including championship teams got number 1 pick it would create dynasties. Imagine Championship team that drafts well receiving the number 1 pick and gets it right. Thats 10 more years of dominance. I would propose a limit on how many times you can receive a pick within a certain range. I propose no team can receive the top pick more than one year in a row, top 2 pick no more than 2 years in a row, and a top 3 pick no more than 3 years in a row.....all the way up until the 14th pick. A team that got the number one pick would no that they could not get that pick next year. It would eliminate tanking for the most part.

  • jhon alex posted 47 days ago

    jhon alex

    It is very interesting for me to read that article. Thank author for it. I like such topics and everything connected to this matter. I definitely want to read more soon. once again thanks for sharing.
    Aaron Anastasi

  • Mohamed Massaquoi posted 154 days ago

    Mohamed Massaquoi

    I love your articles, My named is Mohamed Massaquoi, I recently retired from the NFL. I followed you on Twitter, I would love to connect with you when you have a chance.

    Well wishes


  • Marilyn Dubinski posted 309 days ago

    Marilyn Dubinski

    so in your world, who's waking up to the harsher reality: the lakers or kawhi leonard?

  • Rubin Kim posted 329 days ago

    Rubin Kim

    I know that Coach K turned the Lakers down before (reportedly 5 year $40M), but why not offer $15M or more per year (an offer he can't refuse). Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Phil Jackson made $12M his final season with the Lakers. Could you imagine the impact on free-agents (FAs) and potential FAs (Lebron James) if Coach K became the Lakers Coach? Is it unreasonable to think that the Lakers would make up some of the premium paid for Coach K with quality FA's taking discounts to play for him? The Lakers were always willing to go over the salary cap before it became so punitive under the new agreement, but overpaying for a coach that would have intangible benefits seems reasonable. Just curious to know your thoughts.

  • Avery Jordan posted 358 days ago

    Avery Jordan

    Hello Mr. Ding,

    I was actually referred to you by a reporter at the OC Register, Theresa Walker. I actually follow you on Twitter as well and I am a fan of your work. I am currently an intern at Our Weekly News in Los Angeles and I am looking to further my writing career with my first actual staff writing job. Ms. Walker said you might be able to provide me with some guidance and/or information about how to progress from here. I have actively been searching for writing jobs with the Register but they do not appear to have any at the moment. Any help you can offer would be great. I can provide writing samples and a resume upon request. Thank you in advance for your time.

    -Avery Jordan