Doc'  Simpson-Davis

Doc' Simpson-Davis


Hi all you MMA Fanatical Fans,
I at the age of 65+ have been a fan since The Fertitta Bros. and Dana White bought the Octagon and took the name UFC. That was 1993? I remember seeing Tank Abbott knock many fighters Da' F%*K Out! However like the writer/fighter who is an avid defender of MMA Tank did not Personify the real MMA fighter as much as he tried the more he came in out of shape, the more he LOST! Well Duh?

I am now way to long-in tooth to even think about fighting, although I was a student of Okinawan Karate (Shotakan) under the first Black Belt student of the late Goren Yamaguchi, as well as my Sensei passed away some 14 years ago. I am a Veteran of The Viet Nam conflict. I was a Combat Medic with a Dust-off Helo crew, evacuating the wounded to the nearest MASH/Surgical Unit.

After that I came home after two tours with the 18th ABN. Corps 4 th RANGER Battalion Charlie Co. And after scounging around Southern CA. for a couple of years and 6 months in Thailand seeking some reality, I wondered back to CA. and enrolled in Registered Nursing School, graduated 1972 worked in Trauma Areas in quite a few hospitals, both in CA. and eventually wound up in New Mexico, and married an Elementary School Teacher, we have been together now some 35+ years.

She is also an avid Fan as before we used to Love Boxing, however after watching our first UFC event we were 'Hooked'. Soon after my Dad passed away I took over his business of Bail Bonding and Bounty Hunting, I am hoping to sell this Catwalk Bail and Investigation, I strongly support the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, The 2ND Amendment. Plus rare hunting trips we pretty much stick close to home here in The SW Mountains of New Mexico, The Gila Wilderness.

The Sport of MMA ought to be an Olympic Sports event next in 2012. Lets support that.........
That's about all I have to say, thanks if you read this if not no biggy.
In Freedom and Liberty,

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  • James Butters posted 3532 days ago

    James Butters

    I appreciate the support sir, enjoy the fight on saturday

  • James Butters posted 3532 days ago

    James Butters

    I am sorryif I offended you, that was in no way my intention, I apologize for any rude commetns I made, respectfully, James Butters

  • James Butters posted 3535 days ago

    James Butters

    ill make it simple for ya, if you go to check and see the fight card for ufc 84, the fifth one down is thiago silva vs. Antonio Mendes, this guy has a perfect record and has stopped all three of his ufc fights in the first or second round, most recently, Thiago silva knocked out the same guy who knocked out keith jardine( Houston Alexander) in one minute thiry five seconds, please don't ever insult my research on the analysis of these fights.