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Julio Higareda

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Every day I strive to be the best and expect the same from any team of my liking. Sure we have our days where we didn't end up how we wanted it to end, but in the end all what matters is putting the best performance.

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  • Theodore Calvin posted 38 days ago

    Theodore  Calvin

    Julio, I used "7up" to make fun of the anti-Barca folks who would constantly say "7up." I don't drink it.

  • Thiago Alves posted 39 days ago

    Thiago Alves

    Do you think Spain can still win the WC
    ??? I'm so upset as of late
    (from another Roja fan)

  • Charles Oliver posted 43 days ago

    Charles Oliver

    Haha thank you, Been waiting for a announcement for ages!

  • Charles Oliver posted 69 days ago

    Charles Oliver

    I wasn't the one arguing don't worry

  • Charles Oliver posted 72 days ago

    Charles Oliver

    What is this referring to?

  • Charles Oliver posted 86 days ago

    Charles Oliver

    It still a record though and I doubt any manager will break it for a long time in the PL.

  • Charles Oliver posted 96 days ago

    Charles Oliver

    it's still a record and so I still think it won't be broken.

  • Name Mar posted 119 days ago

    Name Mar

    You mad bro?

  • Tre Gulley posted 152 days ago

    Tre Gulley

    I'd say our most influential player is Sergio Busquets, not Messi or Xavi. Our midfield is the very core of our team, and the lineup Tata put out there against Sociedad effectively ripped that out. Busquets was played as CM (Why?), which pushed Fabregas and Xavi, both of our midfielders who control the midfield, to the bench. Iniesta was played in his usual position, but he's used to having two midfielders helping him control the midfield, when now he found himself having to do it by himself. Song is dogshit and shouldn't have been playing in the first place. It's no coincidence that our defense was made out to be a complete joke when Song was the pivot instead of Sergio.

  • Maksym Skushka posted 160 days ago

    Maksym Skushka

    Indeed, couldn't agree more. Like atm, Real Madrid are doing good, their performance against Atletico Madrid in both games was amazing. It felt like I was watching Real Madrid from a year back. If they keep this work rate up then by all means they deserve the title. However, Barcelona is also in incredible form atm so this one is tough to call. I hope for the best though that we pull through. Btw have you seen City vs Chelsea? City steamrolled Chelsea, was great! lol