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  • Theodore Calvin posted 218 days ago

    Theodore  Calvin

    You are pent up, Julio. Koke is overrated and has been mediocre in big matches. I am going to enjoy Barca kicking your lying, cheating, fouling Atleti ass today.

  • Theodore Calvin posted 352 days ago

    Theodore  Calvin

    I think Koke is overrated garbage. Send me the clip of one big game he's ever had. Oh, you can't. Because it never happened. Overrated garbage.

  • Theodore Calvin posted 443 days ago

    Theodore  Calvin

    Julio, I used "7up" to make fun of the anti-Barca folks who would constantly say "7up." I don't drink it.

  • Thiago Alves posted 444 days ago

    Thiago Alves

    Do you think Spain can still win the WC
    ??? I'm so upset as of late
    (from another Roja fan)

  • Charles Oliver posted 448 days ago

    Charles Oliver

    Haha thank you, Been waiting for a announcement for ages!

  • Charles Oliver posted 474 days ago

    Charles Oliver

    I wasn't the one arguing don't worry

  • Charles Oliver posted 477 days ago

    Charles Oliver

    What is this referring to?

  • Charles Oliver posted 491 days ago

    Charles Oliver

    It still a record though and I doubt any manager will break it for a long time in the PL.

  • Charles Oliver posted 501 days ago

    Charles Oliver

    it's still a record and so I still think it won't be broken.

  • Name Mar posted 524 days ago

    Name Mar

    You mad bro?