Cosmo Sherry

Cosmo Sherry


Hello, my name is Sherry and I am happy to be joining bleacher report. As cliche' as it sounds, I am a huge fan of mixed martial arts. I am looking forward to reading, commenting and writing about MMA here and hope to make some new MMA acquaintances. With the great exposure that bleacher report has, it is going to be a nice experience to enjoy a certain type of freshness.

I grew up in the days when you watched whatever dad wanted to watch on television. Before I knew it, I was all grown up and knew more about boxing than I had ever imagined. I do still enjoy boxing but no sport can hold a candle to MMA in my eyes. Thank goodness for the world wide web and the continuing evolution of this great sport! I do have my favorite fighters as well as an overall respect for anyone that steps in the ring/cage/octagon and puts their skills to the test in such a manner. I do try to attend as many events that I possibly can, whether it is a small local show or a big event such as UFC 100. In addition, I don't think I have missed a pay-per-view to date as I enjoy soaking up as much MMA as humanly feasible.

Photography is another passion of mine and I do have a collection of fight photos, fighter photos and videos that I might include in future writings. I also love when one is able to tell a story with their words that enables the reader to form a mental picture that brings the subject to life.

I am hoping to be able to add something of value here from time to time as I have already read some interesting, well written articles. Writing a Bio about myself is not quite as easy. If there is something you would like to know, please feel free to ask me. =)

Best Regards,

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