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I have been involved with baseball since the age of 3 yrs old.I grew up being told i was the best and evry time i turned around people were filling my head with compliments.The whole town knew me as scoop because of my fielding abilities.This turned out to be a negative because i thought i was so good that i didnt have to practice at all.While my peers were going to camps and practicing i was out drinking beer and a number of other things.Finally i wised up at eighteen and started getting serious and then i slipped up and went to a party and a friend and i started wrestling and when we hit the ground my coller bone ripped out of place.Needless to say my arm was never the same.I still had the gleam in my eye so i tryed out for the atlanta braves and made a good showing but my arm strength just wasnt there anymore.This was what felt like the end of my life but then a few yrs later my daughter came into my life and changed everything so i dont regret not making it cause i wouldnt have her and that would not be acceptable.To take care of my baseball itch i have been playing travel softball,i never thought travel softball was so competitive but it is , it didnt solve my need for baseball but it helped. Now im at a point in my life that i want to give myself to baseball again even though its not on the field i want to give my all to the sport that i love.If anyone reads this and has any baseball opportunities please contact me my email is

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    Are you still interested in the Braves Community Leader position? I noticed you've yet to write any Braves articles since telling me that you were interested. Kindly let me know if I should still consider you in the running or not. Thanks.