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I'm on holiday currently, I'll respond when I get back. Enjoy your summer!

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  • mazoomy posted 4 days ago


    You might not have time to respond right now, but I would hope you're still keeping up with the WC and seeing what people say here from time to time (you couldn't possibly have no internet... right?), so I'm gonna say this anyway.

    Toni Kroos, World Class Midfielder :D

  • Olli Seppala posted 5 days ago

    Olli Seppala

    New review. My review will be very different this time, because I had to write it trough my phone due to different circumstances. No pictures sadly, but I hope you still like it.

  • mazoomy posted 9 days ago


    BTW I know you won't see this until you get back, but I'd be happy to read over anything you want to send me :D

  • mazoomy posted 11 days ago


    I'll get back to you after you return then, just give me a shout when you're back.

  • K L posted 11 days ago

    K L

    I got Belgium, France, Columbia, Netherlands as my final 4.

  • The king posted 11 days ago

    The  king

    Yeah,that's true about Germany and when they play Gotze and Ozil together,they look so one dimensional but I think if Schurrle start against France they'll win.

    Well,Mark Ogden(the guy who broke the news about Sir Alex retiring) has said that we'll spend 150-200 mil this summer.

    Yeah,I think Vidal will 100% move and the same thing goes for Sanchez but the question is are they interested in joining us? I think we can get both if we negotiate fast and good. Do you think we can get them??

    Oh fair enough about Depay,he plays average but he scores goals. Both seem average IMO,I rate Indi higher than De vrij.

    Mangala has the full package,solid defending,aggressive,fast. What is there not to like??


    He maybe won't join us but he will leave. I think he'll join PSG. Di Maria/Sanchez would be an amazing signing! There is a rumour going on that we've given a bid for Cuadrado,that would be a great signing if true. I really hope we sign a winger though,we really need a direct winger!

  • Trey Tak posted 11 days ago

    Trey Tak

    haha nah, it's fine. Maybe the next one! (4 years from now.....if we are still around....)

    There have been so many good goals this WC, so it's hard for me to choose just one. Messi with that 90th minute winner, James with some outrageous flicks and volleys, Shaqiri, the list goes on. I'm gonna say the James chest controlled volley against Uruguay.

    Nigel De Jong is a good player, but I'd rather go for Axel Witsel at this point. If Vidal and Juventus cannot be persuaded, I'd definitely try for Witsel considering he plays in the Russian league (no offense to the Russians, lol) and Januzaj and Fellaini are already here. Herrera, Witsel, Mata, Rooney, RVP, Januzaj, (winger), etc. would be a terrifying lineup to face.

    Yeah, Miranda's good, but like you said I don't want him considering he's already almost 30 and too expensive. Godin would be the better of the two for me, anyway.

    I'd say De Vrij (likely to join), Depay, and a CM (Witsel, Vidal, etc.) would be a great window. Man, that's a lot of Dutch players on the team. Maybe we have to change our kit to orange....

  • Jake Brigance posted 11 days ago

    Jake Brigance

    What would you prefer-

    1) United buying only Shaw and Herrera, and promoting 7 players from our academy and FINISHING FOURTH


    2) United spending 200 million on proven players in their prime and FINISHING FIRST?

  • Jake Brigance posted 11 days ago

    Jake Brigance

    Yeah only David Moyes will sign Hector Moreno for United xD

    Thanks for that scouting report, really needed one, I was searching for scouting reports on him. Seems a really good investment to make for the future, especially at just 10 million. He's on the verge of signing for United, according to the papers.

    Personally, I would like a BIG centre-back signing, but I don't see one. Mangala is massively overrated, I wouldn't give 40 million for him.

  • K L posted 11 days ago

    K L

    Apparently we've bid 41.4m pounds for Vidal. Flexing our financial muscles it seems haha.

    What do you think we should do with Fellaini? I wouldn't be against selling him if we signed someone of Vidal's calibre.

    Who do you have advancing in the QF's of the world cup?