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I feel that journalism, especially sports journalism, is not a group of facts that have been sorted out by somebody who routinely sorts out facts for people to read. I feel it is the perception of those facts, sorted out by somebody who routinely forms those perceptions, sorted out interestingly for people to read.
I don't think journalism is something that has to be boring, thats the choice of the writer. I don't know how this site works, but am pretty clear that the articles that are written on here are actually articles, as amiture the writer may be. Thats why Im writing this now, here. Though I will be writing articles that are clearly written by me, with my opinions, they'll be articles.
As far as this being an actual biography, theres many aspects of a persons life, most of which wouldn't be necessary to write about on a sports website. This is pretty much me, and you'll know more about me after Ive written some articles. As far as who I actually am, I doubt most people will be too interested.
Just enjoy the reading, and by the way, I'm a Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

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  • Ruth McDonald posted 2697 days ago

    Ruth McDonald

    hey, call me before May 19th. That is when Tina has her surgery. Won't know if it is cancer untill after the operation.
    Auntie Ruth