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Mike Battles

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I've been a die hard dawgs fan for as long as I can remember. I was born In the Great State of GEORGIA. My parents moved to North Carolina when I was a small child but my heart has always been in Georgia. I remember being a kid and my Dad was an Alabama fan and he tried to turn me into one too. I just found my own way and I'm proud to be a Georgia fan. The games I look forward to the most are the Tennessee and GT games. I hold a deep sense of need to win both of those games. I hold a deep need for us to win all of games but especially true for those two rival games. This bulldog fan signed up so I could pay tribute to the Best Mascot in the whole country. UGA VII you will be missed by me and many others. The up coming game against Kentucky will be a hard on to watch with no UGA sitting in his dog house. I will indeed be in my black bulldogs shirt and hat.

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