Garry is Bleacher Report's lead Chelsea correspondent.

He has edited publications for The Football League and has also worked for Chelsea FC, Liverpool FC, Tottenham Hotspur FC and UEFA, while contributing for TheInsideLeft.com.

He's not just about sport, considering himself a Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen aficionado.

Follow him on Twitter: @garryhayes

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  • Geddy Lee posted 50 days ago

    Geddy Lee

    Just had to share this, since you're Chelsea correspondent. This is too funny, thought the BR fans might appreciate it, and figured passing it onto you was the right way to do that. It's a little old (from before the Southampton game), but still totally on point.


  • Arnaud Pret Personnel posted 145 days ago

    Arnaud Pret Personnel

    Hi Garry,

    Just a message to say you that i like your articles :)

    Continue like That

    Arnaud from pret-personnel-belgique.be

  • alex 12 posted 168 days ago

    alex 12

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  • Liam Curry posted 201 days ago

    Liam Curry

    Has a village lost an idiot? Clearly. You write absolute drivel. Why don't you go home and have a shave? And while your at it leave my family alone!

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    soccer livescore

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  • Daniel Agger posted 308 days ago

    Daniel Agger

    Hello Garry,
    I am here to apologize for disrespecting you & making some rude comments. I wrote them just out of frustration (not because of Liverpool played good & drew Chelsea) from an argument with my friends who are great Chelsea fans like you but couldn't understand the play. All they do is blindly supporting their club no matter what (which is good in some cases). And then I saw your article which fueled my anger.

  • egypt moe posted 374 days ago

    egypt moe

    I want to thank you for the rubbish articles you have written lately because when i see that you have written something, i realize i should stop wasting my time on this site. As a Chelsea supporter you shouldnt be hating any of our players, especially the youngster who have barely played i.e. Salah. Here is what real journalism looks like http://english.ahram.org.eg/NewsContent/6/53/115653/Sports/Talents-Abroad/Exclusive-Chelsea-will-not-release-Mohamed-Salah,-.aspx
    Article was posted today.

  • egypt moe posted 389 days ago

    egypt moe

    So Salah gets an assist in a game and you take the time to lambaste him in an article. Willian has a much worse game today in much better weather conditions and you completely neglect it? Do you really think that by getting rid of competition it would make Willian better? Im not saying Willian is bad but im not a fan of his decision making. Definitely the weak link from the starting line up.

  • Old Monk posted 406 days ago

    Old Monk

    What makes you think Mikel is not world class, Garry? Name one defensive midfielder other than Matic or Sergio who is as good as him defensively. It is not like he cannot pass either, one just needs to watch Nigeria's games where he creates literally everything. What he does may not be as flashy as say, a Kroos or Fabregas but he is one of the best DMs in the world at the moment. He would start for quite literally every club other than maybe Barca and Chelsea for they have Matic and Sergio, the only 2 DMs better than him.

  • vinay reddy posted 745 days ago

    vinay reddy

    Hi Gerry,

    Please go thru with this Chelsea combination and let us now what You think of it, If it is Good Enough, u can Publish it for More Opinions

    Hello Everybody,

    I am putting forward this combination which incorporates the best Talents chelsea have, please comment.

    I have included Thomas Kalas, Patrick van aanholt, Nathan Ake, and other Youngsters Because we need to give youth a chance.

    4 Defenders – RB – Ivanovic / Azpi / Kalas
    LB – Ashley Cole / Bertrand / Van anholt
    CB – Terry / Cahill / luiz / Ake
    Midfield – This is what Iam Excited About

    Ramires, oscar, Mata – Will always start in Right of Midfield, Alternate combination ( Van ginkel, Loftus Cheek, Piazon)
    Ramires, and oscar – Because both are excellent in their work rate, tackles, and equally effective going forward, would have to alternate between them as to when 1 goes forward the other takes on the role of Defensive Midfielder protecting the back 4. This Way, Mata would be more likely playing the role of xavi or Iniesta dictating the play from midfield with his creativity and vision and covers up his perceived aalack of Defensive abilities and also makes the best use of his skills.

    We could well do without a specialist Defensive Midfielder because we have seen Both Mikel and Lampard being Ineffective, and atleast 8 Players on the Field will be Involved in Defensive play when we lose ball ( If we exclude the striker and Mata and the GK), AND IN THE OFFENSIVE PLAY , ATLEAST 8 PLAYERS WILL BE INVOLVED AGAIN – IF AS USUAL THE Right Back AND Left Back , BOMB FORWARD, THEN ONLY THE 2 Centre Backs ALONG WITH THE GK CAN BE RELATIVELY LESS MOBILE

    Left winger – Hazard / schurrle
    Right Winger – Willian / KDB
    STRIKER – Torres / Lukaku

    Please comment on this Formation and if it Finds Favour , then Hope Jose Thinks about it on the training ground atleast.

    Please Only constructive Debates and Opinions Anticipated