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  • Muneer Bawayeh posted 1446 days ago

    Muneer Bawayeh

    Raymond, some time ago (6 months ) when Michael Crabtree tore his achilles you made a snark comment on the niners page that went a little like this "Haha....bye bye Crabtree ! Your the best player the 9ers got ! 8-8 in the NFC WEst., NOW ! Ram nation !!" It is now 6 months later and the niners are 6-2, well ahead of your prediction since our schedule is favorable. You are an embarrasing fan and I dont see anyone that made a snark remark on Sam Bradford tearing his ACL. Thats what happens when you talk a big game before the season starts. The rams are the bottom feeders of the NFC west.

  • Tailgate King posted 1447 days ago

    Tailgate  King

    like I told you 6 months ago, at the halway mark of the season,the rams would be below .500 and you would disappear altogether from 49ers B/R threads,,,hope you enjoy looking like a COMPLETE IDIOT

  • Leon Hemmings posted 1461 days ago

    Leon  Hemmings

    "In what was built up to be a resurgent year for the St. Louis Rams.... has been a major letdown.....Tragically for St. Louis, the team lost quarterback Sam Bradford for the season with a torn ACL.... So, even if they had the smallest shred of hope to accumulate enough wins for a wild-card spot, that is now out the window."


    Hey Ray Avila, EAT CROW. As you so often put it: REAL TALK! This is what you get for the 8 months of non-stop trolling the Niner page. What do you have to say now? Good luck trying to get 3rd place in the division over the Cards.

  • Stefano Gamba posted 1486 days ago

    Stefano Gamba

    49ers win

  • RichardGeres Gerbil posted 1566 days ago

    RichardGeres Gerbil

    4,000 days since your last playoff win....ANNNND counting!!

  • Marauding Hords posted 1573 days ago

    Marauding Hords

    3093 days......and counting.

  • Aaron Hang posted 1586 days ago

    Aaron Hang

    3084 days.....and counting....just keep counting and you'll realize how overrated Sam Bradford is.. Never making the TOP-100... keep counting dude...

  • Aaron Hang posted 1586 days ago

    Aaron Hang

    3080 days.....and counting....last playoff game..

  • Gen. Patton's Silver Head posted 1590 days ago

    Gen. Patton's Silver Head

    3080 days.....and counting....

  • Gen. Patton's Silver Head posted 1591 days ago

    Gen. Patton's Silver Head

    3079 days since your last playoff win and counting....and counting....and counting.........