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  • Chris Lane posted 1585 days ago

    Chris Lane

    I absolutely hate your short list but I just wanted to say thanks for coming to a Buckeye article and not being a hater/troll like all others. Good luck to you and your Seminoles. I don't think I've ever met someone that claims to be a fan of both FSU and UGA.

    On another note...I'm from Ohio but live in Florida. I'm a die hard Buckeye football fan, but I have always been a St. Louis Cardinals fan as well. So... you and I need to talk when the baseball playoffs come around.

    One last can you possibly claim to be a Louisville basketball fan? I've never known anyone that really knows sports well that has a total of 3 favorite schools...I think you may need to do some soul searching, but as long as you are not a troll and you KNOW your sports, you are OKAY with me. I'm a 40 year old.....We used to have rules against claiming more than one school, even if multiple sports are involved. I even root for Ohio State in baseball and wrestling....

    Good luck to you and whichever team you are supporting on whichever week you read this. That was a joke....but it really wasn't at the same time. I do understand the Mark Richt/Florida State connection but that still doesn't explain "Louisville basketball". Since you didn't mention coach Pitino on your short list, the Louisville thing kind of makes you look like a bandwagon fan. Please explain it to me when you get the time. Take care, brother. your short list, you wrote Kliff Kingsburg...I'm sure that you meant Kliff Kingsbury...BUT you CAN'T be a fan of a proven cheater either. Be a man and get Johnny Dorkball Manziel off of your list. He may be a good player, but he still cheated BLATANTLY. I hate the guy....I liked him before he cheated and showed his ass afterwards. I honestly can't see how anyone can like the kid. I even know 2 alumni from Texas A&M and they do not claim him as an Aggie because he broke their Honor Code.

    Don't let me change your mind though....I'm just a 40 year old idiot, but I do know my sports very well. Good luck to you and I hope to see you around again.