Fred Kelley

Fred Kelley


Cus D' Amato ~ "A boy comes to me with a spark of interest, I feed that spark and it becomes a flame, I feed the flame and it becomes a fire, I feed the fire and it becomes a roaring blaze.", engraved on D'Amato's grave stone.

That quote really speaks to me, because it signifies the impact Boxing has had in my life. Once an avid Martial Arts fan, I read, watched & trained any Martial Arts style I could get my hands on. Then in my late teens, my eyes where opened to Boxing, and the sweet science has been my passion ever since.

I began writing on Bleacher Report to brush up on my skills while I pursue a secondary career and Degree in Broadcast Journalism.
Currently, I work in the finance industry so if my articles tend to lean toward analytical, blame it on the trade however I promise to try and spice them up as often as I can. Any intelligent debates regarding the sport are welcome. Hope you enjoy the articles you find here and feel free to leave your comments.

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  • Tony Marks posted 2564 days ago

    Tony Marks

    What if Mosley wins?

  • Tony Marks posted 2568 days ago

    Tony Marks

    Hey Fred, You sound like a Mayweather hater. Your article on the 25 most hated was the worst I've read in a long time. You were so focused on your own opinion, you left out 5 of the most hated and replaced them with 5 of the most loved. You know your boxing, but your character is suspect.

  • edgar solorzano posted 2575 days ago

    edgar  solorzano

    Check out my Sergio Martinez interview. I'm new here on, I used to work with other websites.
    And also check my articles thanks!

  • King J posted 2659 days ago

    King J

    We doing it again bro! Dont miss out!