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  • zepher stone posted 1845 days ago

    zepher stone

    @ Julian Zhang. Either you're a self loathing individual, or you're somebody masquerading as an Asian, but I have to say, the reasoning behind people's comments in support of JLIN is because the criticism has been overwhelming!!! What undrafted player in the history of the league, that has played less than a full season, has been subject to as much biased criticism as Jeremy Lin???

    Have you read the articles from Steven A Smith, Rob Parker, Marc Lamont, etc...Lebron didn't get the heat until many, many years in the league, that goes for Kobe and anyone else. He's the only Asian American player in the league, so why the microscopic focus to hammer out his flaws???

    I think you're the one who needs to grow up from your self hate. It's like Jackie Robinson's first season in the MLB, and having daily articles that say, "Oh jackie can't throw to third, he has trouble fielding to his right" when the kid is hitting .300, breaking barriers, overcoming deep rooted stereotypes, and still basically a rookie.

    This is crazy, and the relentless attack that you propagate throughout the comment chain, really reveals a biased agenda in your own life. Let the fans support. What does it matter to you???

    The fact is that there were other Jeremy Lin's out there, other great Asian, Indian, South American, etc PG's who never got a shot because they did not fit the mold. Jeremy had to be twice as good as the next pro to make it. What 6'3 PG CA State Champion player of the year gets no athletic scholarship?? He was prob the only player in the league that paid for college.

    So relax, he's worth every dime he's making, and the people have the right to support him.