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  • Cordell Plimpton posted 74 days ago

    Cordell Plimpton

    You must be so proud of Doug Baldwin. Stay classy Seahawks!

  • Cordell Plimpton posted 75 days ago

    Cordell Plimpton

    You want some more you pathetic shit loser? You win with grace you lose with grace. You and your team never showed any, ever. And now it's time to sleep in it You low lives made your bed. Enjoy.... you people squandered away any good will you might have received in tough times like this. Me and millions of others are damn happy you're suffering. Beautiful!

  • Cordell Plimpton posted 88 days ago

    Cordell Plimpton

    Excuse me? I've been posting all over various threads since the game. There's no reason to hide, in fact there's more reason than ever to post. I was right with everything I said about the overrated Seahwaks, and you know it. And you felt it, during the game. The Seahawks aren't nearly as good as people made them out to be, not even close. We both know what we saw.

    The ultimate compliment was when Carroll had to resort to a gimmick to get a score (fake field goal). He knew too. Virtually every down and distance scenario in that game the Packers kicked their ass. Only with gimmicks and Packer fuck ups was the Seahawks able to do much of anything.

    The best teams in the NFL: 1) Packers, 2) Cowboys, 3) Patriots, 4) Ravens, 5) Lions.

    In the words of Dennis Green: "They are who we thought they were, and we let them off the hook"

    And you got a lot of nerve being cocky. You should be more like Richard Sherman who after the game said "today we were blessed" Instead you're a snotty nosed cocky loser who knows shit about nothing.

    And if you'd like to show me where I was wrong in my assessment of the overrated Seahawks in the week prior I'd be happy to listen. Dumb fuck loser.

    The Seahawks earned ZERO respect as a football team from me. NONE. The Packers gave the game to you, fuck you very much.

  • p m posted 558 days ago

    p m

    Good Game. Tough one. I think it was the best they played yet. Shows they have potential and are a solid team (which it what people should have said. Not "Give then the trophy now" and put Wilson's name on the Super Bowl MVP Trophy).
    The Cardinals are also a solid team and a contender but I doubt I would ever hear a "12thman" say that! LOL The difference between Card fans and Seahawks fans (generally speaking).

    Good luck and enjoy the season. Just a game.

  • p m posted 559 days ago

    p m

    The difference between you and me. The Seahawks are up 18 to 14 BUT they look DAMN good. They have been bad, barley won and looked down right awful. This game they look like the team people think they are. They are looking VERY, VERY good. Only ahead by 4 and a long way to go but they are playing VERY well. People can NOW say how good they can be. Until now, NO!