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My name is Robin Kelly. I was born in a very Irish catholic family in Newfoundland, Canada. I have always loved football (Montana over Elway) and hockey (Orr over Gretzky anyday). For some reason CBC carried Notre Dame football games on Saturday, and I have loved ND ever since. I was a fan of the Bruins until they traded Bobby Orr, and since the Allan Eagleson fiasco, I have renewed my fandom with the Bruins.

Mostly I am a huge sports fan and love to talk and debate about just about anything, except NASCAR. Just not into it. But I love the NFL and NCAA football. I worked at the University of Michigan for 7 years and got to watch my Irish every two years at Michigan Stadium. I was not too popular there,

I live now in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada with my wife and two kids Maggie and Norah.

I love the Bleacher Report and tune in each day to see what people are saying about my teams. Take care


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