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Jennifer A. Garrett is an author, life coach, and motivational speaker who has a passion for writing and for helping others. She enjoys showing others how they can achieve their dreams and achieve greatness. She uses her energy to inspire others through her written work, public speaking engagements, and coaching sessions.
Jennifer stands out from the crowd because she possesses a rare-level of drive and determinism. She plays the game of life as if she were on the football field, always focused on getting into the end zone and winning. She settles for nothing less. Throughout her life, Jennifer has proved that she can beat life's challenges and achieve her dreams. As the quarterback in her game, she knows what getting blindsided feels like. She has been knocked down by the blitz. No matter what obstacles have come across her path, she has out maneuvered them and crossed the goal line.
Jennifer's story is inspiring to those who meet her. Her persistent drive has allowed her to overcome teenage pregnancy and single parenthood. She plays the game of life hard and has compeleted five college degrees: B.S. in Electrical Engineering, B.S. in Biomedical Engineering, Masters of Business Administration, M.A. in Commucation and Leadership Studies, and a Juris Doctor. She completed her graduate degrees while working full-time and raising four children.
In the business world, Jennifer is recognized as an outstanding leader. She has worked in many challenging positions, where she demonstrated that she could lead teams, inspire others, and deliver results. She sets high expectations for herself first, never making excuses and always holding herself accountable.
Jennifer currently works as a Marketing Director for General Electric where she is responsible for strategy development and military strategic marketing for the Avionics product lines. Additionally, she is a JAG officer in the Michigan Army National Guard where she advises soldiers on a variety of legal issues and provides them with services such as drafting wills, powers of attorney, and legal representation.
In December 2012, Jennifer received the GE Women's Network Hall of Fame "Real Life Hero" Award.

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