After serving as a Chicago Bears Featured Columnist for over a year, Dannehy left B/R to focus on other projects in his personal and professional life.
Dannehy is currently the Associate Editor for the Trempealeau County Times, where he writes an award-winning weekly column titled "The Way It Is." He also currently writes for cover32 and www.bearlybullogging.com.
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  • Dan O posted 1419 days ago

    Dan O

    Andrew - I'm don't foresee the Bears placing the franchise tag on anyone this year. What's your take?

  • William Caulton posted 1425 days ago

    William Caulton

    Nice work on the article about Mel Tucker.

  • Abdallah Awwad posted 1624 days ago

    Abdallah Awwad

    hey andrew i found something interesting. in 2012 the saints were 25th in rushing, and bushrod received his bad grade. the year before the saints were 6th in rushing, and bushrod was ranked 7th best LT. if we were to establish the run bushrod would be the probowler the bears signed.

  • Richard Smith posted 1647 days ago

    Richard Smith

    I like your writing! Make the article on the Bears' undrafted free agents already!! :)

  • charles king posted 1667 days ago

    charles king

    Andrew, good conversation we're having thanks. Always a pleasure to see other authors who still interact with their readers ! Continued success !

  • Mack Marshall posted 1670 days ago

    Mack Marshall

    Andrew we need one of your great articles about how GOOD the Bears draft is. Too many talking heads out there that can't see talent and potential. Hook us up!

  • K B posted 1673 days ago

    K B

    I told you so. There was NO chance Warmack fell to 20 to the Bears.

  • Dan O posted 1707 days ago

    Dan O

    Andrew loved your article entitled, "Bears' New-Look Offense Will Take NFL by Storm", but noticed an error or maybe something that I'm misreading. It says:

    The Packers also noticed covering Bennett with a tight end would be much more problematic, so they gave safety help whenever he ran deep down the field.

    Do you mean: The Pakcers also noticed covering Bennett with a LINEBACKER....?

    Anyway, didn't know if that needs to be corrected or not. Just wanted to give you a heads up. I've really been enjoying your coverage of the Bears. Keep up the great research and analysis.