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  • Mr. NYC posted 1683 days ago

    Mr. NYC

    How was your stay in NYC? Hope you had a great time... and my advice was helpful!

  • Mr. NYC posted 1709 days ago

    Mr. NYC

    Fantastic chance to see Red Bull... tickets are readily available. Check it out:>kw=New+York+Red+Bulls

    Easiest way to get there is via NY/NJ Path Train. If you go to the Red Bulls website, it will give clear directions.

    Not too sure on the Flea Markets... but check out this website:

    In terms of touristy crap, maybe the Empire State Building. Personally, I love the bus tours with the headphones that take you around all the neighborhoods in Manhattan and tell you a little bit about the city... but maybe that's just me. You can get those at Times Square, and take the "downtown" route... much cooler than uptown.

    Things to do: Central Park & Times Square (obviously), take a walk on the High Line (converted subway tracks to a garden path on the west side... really cool) If you like museums: the Met, and Guggenheim. If you come beginning of April, go to the First Fridays party at the Museum of Natural History... they open the museum at night and have a DJ spinning. REALLY fun and a very NYC thing to do. The Guggenheim has one too but they don't start until May.

    Generally speaking, you want to stay downtown... so the fact that you are staying around Union Square is a big plus. Neighborhoods to check out: Soho, East Village, Lower East side, Greenwich Village, West Village, and Meat Packing District (nightlife is amazing)

    Get tickets to Comedy Cellar on a Friday or Saturday night, hysterical comics and great neighborhood to go out in after (Greenwich Village).

    That's it for now. Giroud is getting there... it's only his first season. It's just annoying to hear people write "he sucks" or something like that. Football intelligent people know better!

  • Mr. NYC posted 1711 days ago

    Mr. NYC

    I live in the East village, so glad to help. Don't worry about the "annoying tourist" syndrome, it's your vacation... so have fun. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'm engaged and living with my fiance, so my party days are behind me... but could still give good advice!

    Huge win today...

  • Mr. NYC posted 1713 days ago

    Mr. NYC

    Union Square... in that case Nevada Smiths in your best bet... as it's on 11th street on the east side. Union Square is around 14th street on the east side... so it's quite close.

    As for times of the games, yeah... you will have to wake up a bit earlier than you may normally, as the games are anywhere from 8am to noon! Good news (if you are 21) is that you can cure that hangover with a pint of Guinness at Nevada Smiths. They don't serve food... so you can go hit a brunch spot in the East Village after the game, there are a TON of great restaurants. I recommend The Smith (which is not too far away. Sunburnt Cow is a little further away... but really great. And Australian owned to boot! Plenty of Aussies here in the city you will find.

  • Mr. NYC posted 1716 days ago

    Mr. NYC

    Hey fellow Gooner-

    Got your message... where in NYC are you staying? Good thing is there are plenty on venues to watch Arsenal and other premier league games as well. The only "Arsenal" bar I know of is called Chip Shop (the one on Atlantic ave)... and is in Brooklyn Heights (Not far, subway can take you there from Manhattan) Great Arsenal fans.

    Another couple bars showing EPL games, including Arsenal are: (but they will not be open for early games) (walk up the steps outside... on 2nd floor.)

    Hope this helps! Let me know what part of town you are staying so I might be of more assistance.