Da Monkey Fernandez

Da Monkey Fernandez


In Florida via New York, just like half of its population. The Tampa area is alright, lots of sports, plenty of local mma, and nice weather for 2 or 3 months out of the other blistering 10 months or so...

Big time Pit Bull activist. Blame the deed not the BREED! chako.org and understand-a-bull.com for accurate information. The att.org, which is factual, has the pit bull type breeds scoring in the top 85 percentile higher then a lot of and most "FAMILY" dog breeds. Human aggression is not a natural characteristic of the pit bull, dog and animal aggression, yes. They make horrible watch/guard dogs becuase of there constant thirst and craving for human attention.

MMA is my true love. Been watching it since Nov. of 1993, UFC #1...I love all mma not just the UFC. If it is on I am watching it, if it is not on tv I am finding it on the pc. After that I am a Baseball fan first then a die hard, Bronx Born, Yankee fan true and through. Born in the Bronx with pin stripes and will die with my pinstripes...

I am a father to a 12yr old boy who is total opposite of me, a husband to my beautiful and sexy wife Ali, and work with the blind helping them get acustomed to working with their guide dogs at night and in an animal hospital in the day.

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