A simple WWE fan

A simple WWE fan


I am from DR, I am a big WWE, Yankees and Miami Heat fan, I like Nadal, Wade and Schumacher, i have a degree in social comunication, love politics and i live for business

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  • HHH's favorite shinobi. posted 1348 days ago

    HHH's favorite shinobi.

    YES! YES! YES!

  • Australian posted 1351 days ago


    How freaking awesome was Mania dude? The entrances, the attires, the action packed matches, the shocks and emotions! It had it all. Loved every minute. Long live the WWE.

  • Australian posted 1360 days ago


    I was hoping Sheamus was going to kick Dave Batista's head off on Smackdown.

  • Australian posted 1369 days ago


    CM Punk was on my list. I think it is pretty safe to say he is well and truly gone now though.

  • Australian posted 1370 days ago


    Good idea man. Bio up.

  • Just Another Mark posted 1370 days ago

    Just Another  Mark

    It's ok, our whole conversation vanished. This site is glitch-ville. And thanks about the name thing. I have experienced it first hand. ;)

  • Australian posted 1371 days ago


    Are we all cool bro?

  • Just Another Mark posted 1372 days ago

    Just Another  Mark

    Did you flag my comments? Because for some reason they have stopped appearing!!

  • Triple H's Shovel posted 1375 days ago

    Triple H's Shovel

    Judging by the name of your profile, you must look at me like i'm some sort of god.. I'm very flattered :')

  • Trollback RuLeS posted 1378 days ago

    Trollback RuLeS

    exactly!! lesnar/taker is the only match worth watching mania...and it's definetly going to steal the show..!!!