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A football fan ever since I can remember. Now a freelance writer and Editor-In-Chief at the Growing up all across Europe, I developed a growing fascination for the cultural and tactical nuances of the beautiful game, particularly those of German football and the Bundesliga. I am also an avid music, film, history and global affairs buff.

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  • Aakash ozil posted 1313 days ago

    Aakash ozil

    Hey cristian ! any latest news on schweinsteiger's injury. i am getting very restless now as he has to be there in brazil for all his leadership qualities which is very pivotal for a successful world cup for the germans.

  • Rincewind Rjinswand posted 1331 days ago

    Rincewind Rjinswand

    Hi, Cristian! Interesting article about finding players in the Bundesliga -- all of the players you identified are good prospects. I was wondering whether you could do a similar piece about players Bundesliga clubs could look at in other leagues (e.g. the PL). You seem to have a good eye for talent, and almost all of the transfer-related articles I've seen on B/R about the Bundesliga seem to be about players leaving, so it would be kind of nice to see one about players rumored to be coming in, too. Either way, it was a good article, and I look forward to reading more articles by you in the future. :-)

  • Nick Akerman posted 1731 days ago

    Nick Akerman

    Glad you enjoyed the article Cristian. Thanks for the compliment, much appreciated. :)

  • Travis Taylor posted 1735 days ago

    Travis Taylor

    Thanks for the edits! I added one new paragraph if you would like to check it out. Thanks!

  • Thomas Cooper posted 1737 days ago

    Thomas Cooper

    Hi Cristian. I just wanted to say a belated thank you for the edits on my Inter/Tottenham preview piece earlier in the week.

  • Gianni Verschueren posted 1739 days ago

    Gianni Verschueren

    Thanks for the edit and the kind words!

  • Travis Taylor posted 1739 days ago

    Travis Taylor

    Thanks for the edits, Cristian!

  • Jim Flannery posted 1741 days ago

    Jim Flannery

    Thanks for the edits and feedback Christian. Much appreciated!

  • Joe Tansey posted 1741 days ago

    Joe Tansey

    Thanks for the edits Cristian!

  • Sam Lopresti posted 1741 days ago

    Sam Lopresti

    I see Serie A referred to as "the Serie A" all the time, both on this site and others. That's my only real question to your edits, other than that thanks very much for your work.