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Marco mattaliano


I'm all about basketball and the Dallas Mavericks, I like other sports (A's fan and Buc's Fan) but to me basketball always reins supreme.

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  • Long gone posted 1588 days ago

    Long gone


  • Jens Gehring posted 1608 days ago

    Jens Gehring

    Muah, actual even if it is unfair as Larkin is injured, but I quite would be happy if the comparism fron Carlisle would come true wehen he compared Larkin to Barrea :-)

    So if we didn´t even made an offer to Bynum, there must be a hidden red flag somewhere! I agree...
    But he Looks so confident (but what should he do else?!?) when he was introduced at cavs. And if he works out, the Cavs are already a threat right away!^^
    I´m not a big fan of Dalembert, but he´s solid. Now bring bakc Sarge as soon as the Ellis-contract is fixed and sign Brandan Wright longterm (but it will be only 2 years due to rumors). Maybe Jacki Carmickel (or how he is spelled) for min. and that´s not the worst stuff ;-)

    You like Asik?
    Hm, I´m not that convinced about him. He´s solid yes and improved a lot of rockets with finishing at the basket. However it´s no big difference between throwing Dalembert in or Asik.

    Yeah, that´s a worse Thing that we were very Close to Iggy. On the other side, maybe it´s better this way as he wanted to be at GSW. So a Player should also commit to the organition with heart and Soul :-)

    From salary perspective 2014 could be great. But one Thing is clear now: the true ELITE Fas won´t come here, so the only way is per trade. And if you got one star-asset maybe another would join^^
    I already took a deeper look at the 2014 FAs and it´s not promising. No Chance for LeBron or Camelo (I don´t want him anyway) and the most other boarderline starts like the mentioned George or Cousins are RFA.
    Indiana will match up to Max-Contract if not signed earlier. They want him really to be their Franchise Player.
    And Sacramento would just match each offer, just not to let him walk for free. So maybe they would make a sign&trade. but no Chance to get one of them via normal FA-signing :-(

    I still hope that Dallas is pursuing DMC right now and convince him for Dallas to be the palce to be and that he is that unhappy with Sacramento that he Forces the orga to get traded (now or in 2014 cia s&t).

    We will see, we will see....

  • Jens Gehring posted 1618 days ago

    Jens Gehring

    I saw a Video where a NBA-analysts stated that Larkin is not like Lawson/Collison where he is compared to a lot. He saw him more like Derick Rose. Not that much Talent, but because of his athleticism^^ We´ll see. I´m not that confident on him, but will give him a fair Chance...

    And now that we´re out of Bynum, I see no good centre left. Oden is a gamble... Dalembert has also bones out of glass and is 32! And he´s not the best locker-room guy, I guess^^
    Meanwhile, I say:
    - trade for talents like Sanders (The buck will demand a lot for him) or
    - let Brandan Wirght start
    I´m with you, Sanders will be a defensive-STAR and it will be nearly impossible to get him.

    But actual there is no FA-calibre left who is worth a signing. The only Chance to get Talent is per trade and maybe the Mavs should take a bad contract also to get Talent.

    I´d like to see Evan Tuner (I know, the C-Spot would be open still), but he has not too many credits at the Sixers and could be cheap^^

  • Jens Gehring posted 1621 days ago

    Jens Gehring

    Hey Bro!
    Nice to hear from you...

    But those days are better Topics than talking about our Offseason :-(

    So far we are one of the losers of the offseason weven if there is still a Chance for solid comeback if we get Bynum longterm for a reasonable Price and he stays healthy^^

    Really the worst Thing, that went wrong was:
    // we passed on Dennis Schröder //
    I still believe he could have been our future PG and floor General and that only for a rookie Price.

    The 2nd big wrong Thing was not, that Dwight decided for Houston, this is OK... The Problem was that the decision took so Long, that very good free-agents were off the board.
    From the big names I´d like to have:
    - Big Al or
    - Iggy
    - Tyreeeeek
    All went down for more than reasonable pice-tags. 12 Mio for Iggy is near a steal. Jefferson for 13-14 Mio a year is also fair and the 11 Mio for Tyreek are also more than fair.

    In Addition we passed on solid Players who all weren´t overpaid like Tony Allen. And Collison at all criticism he gets is a steal for 1,9 Mio! Btw an interesting Thing is taht on all Teams there were only a few overpaiing-transactions. Most took reasonable Prices. Finally the new CBA seem to work.

    And finally we clearly learned that the BIG Fishes won´t sign as a FA in Dallas. So all future plannings must rely on adding solid pieces or trading for Talent. If you have the Bird-Rights on a max-player and the 5th year to offer, than I believe we can Keep a max-player. But to get one is the challenge *g*

    The positive things for Mavs are:
    - Calderon (even if we paid maybe 1,5 Mio per year too much)
    - I like Devin Harris coming back, the contract is OK, but no steal
    - trading down from 13 to 16/18 in the draft kept Money (but this is maybe more frustrating as there still was the Chance for Schröder ;-)
    - still have room for solid additions, maybe also per trade
    - that we didn´t sign Jennings and Ellis :-) -> (both wouldn´t have fit)
    - that there was no Panic-reaction at Mavs

    The next steps ideal steps would be from my Point of view:
    - sign Bynum longterm for 8 Mio
    - use the mid-level-exception for Brandan Wright on a 4 year del
    - maybe use Marions contract and a draft-pick or so to bring in Talent like Evan Turner

    If the Bynum-signing Fails, than trade for Talent at C like Larry Sanders or so

    What do you think?

  • Andy Nolan posted 1621 days ago

    Andy Nolan

    stop humping the lamp marco!

  • Corey McDevitt posted 1621 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    The Mavs offseason this far... Lets just say it hasnt gone the way any of us were originally wanting thats for sure.
    We've had 4 additions, and they are all PG's lol. Larkin, Mekel, Calderon then Harris.

    Calderon- Solid safe pick up, you know what your going to get with him, hes a good player and will complement Dirk very nicely and hopefully a decent centre.. However may be a bit over paid though, and i was hoping we were going to get younger.. I would have rather given him a 4 year 24 mill deal..

    Larkin- Ughh not sure, hard to say, I wanted Schroeder so bad! He has so much upside and could of been our PG for the future, then we passed on him for Dwight, which turned out to be a fail.. Larkin can be good though, i like that hes from a professional sports background- his dad is a Baseball great, so he should have some idea of how to be a successful sportsman, and his family should push him through it..

    Mekel, not sure, dont know enough about him at this stage..

    Harris, its nice to see him back in Dallas, however like Calderon hes over paid, and old. And i dont like the fact that he could be our starting 2 guard. We should of invested in a pure SG or brought back Collison as our back up, cant believe how cheap Collison went!

    Players i was originally wanting to make a push for..
    Iggy-depending on price
    Big Al
    Will Bynum
    Teague..depending on price
    Tyreke-depending on price
    They are now all gone.. So im praying that we land Bynum, on a 2 year, 2nd year team option, but now Cleveland are going hard after him, and Cleveland could be intriguing as they have a bright future, if we fail on Bynum then we are stuffed. I would also like to make a little push for either Gary Neal or Alan Anderson..

    Calderon/ Harris/ Larkin/ Mekel
    Anderson/ Carter / Harris
    Marion/ Crowder/ Carter
    Dirk/ B.Wright-must resign him!
    Bynum/ Sarge

    If Bynum works out and becomes dominant again then we will be very lucky and could push for the playoffs.. Bynum is a gamble, but what do we really have to loose? The offseason has been very grim. Trades would be another way to go, but we dont really have any assets, only expiring contracts (Marion and Carter) and they will only be desirable for rebuilding franchises..

    So yeah, i am annoyed at Cuban, he once again put far to much attention in to one player (Dwight) and we missed out on other top opportunities with other FA's, like what happened last year with Deron, he better do something good soon! Otherwise he has let down his fans big time..

    What do you think man?

  • Corey McDevitt posted 1625 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    We are out of the Sweepstakes for Dwight! Plan B or plan C better be good

  • Jens Gehring posted 1674 days ago

    Jens Gehring

    yeah Man...
    Standing Tall for Mavs!!! :-)

  • Corey McDevitt posted 1675 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Cheers for being a fan mate, Mavs all day baby!

  • Jens Gehring posted 1678 days ago

    Jens Gehring

    Hey Marco,

    all for Mavs!
    Appreciate another Mavs-Fan here :-)