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  • Michael Felder posted 1861 days ago

    Michael Felder

    1-I do think Snyder is good, not great. He's not playing the same game as other guys given the 30 some odd JUCO players he's got on his roster. Most schools would never allow their coach to have as many and for that reason it's a bit of an advantage where building a team is concerned.

    2-I do think Kansas State has the best defense in the Big 12. That does not mean I think their defense is very good, they are just the best in the Big 12. They're a disciplined group that does not make many mistakes but I think that Oregon, unlike WVU or other Big 12 schools, is a patient team that will take the dink and dunk approach all night. Patience where the run is concerned is a lot easier to maintain than patience in the passing game.

    3-When I'm wrong, I've got no problem saying I was wrong. Things happen that I didn't expect all year: Stanford running 60 with Oregon and instead of the 30 they normally run and Texas A&M holding on to beat Bama come to mind. I've got no issue acknowledging when I'm wrong.