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  • Josh Mozell posted 597 days ago

    Josh Mozell

    Shereen, thanks for your comment and read. I too think Chol is great. Just like you said he plays with heart, hussle, and passion. He also does a lot things better that Tarczewski. He is a better finisher, has better hands, is a better shot blocker and is able to cover more range as a center. I happen to think the team is much better against certain opponents with Chol on the floor.

    Your question about why he doesn't play is a good one. At many points during the season I have been frustrated that he has not played more. Especially when Zeus has played poorly - why not put him in? I think there are lots of possible answers. First, you must think about what Derrick Williams did for the program. He blew up (in a good way), these high school players believe it is because of Miller, and so we have three top big guys in our recruiting class. In the same way, Miller has a lot riding on Tarczewski being successful. If the #4 recruit in the nation is a bust, unhappy, and then transfers or something, that does not bode well. Miller really really wants Zeus to be great because it means a lot for the program. Some people would deny that these influences impact coaching decisions, but those people are simply myopic.

    Next, this team is really deep. When Miller looks for a substitution, he wants to change up the lineup a bit so he will go quicker, or with a better shooter, or what have you. Chol is probably ninth on the depth chart and that just makes it hard to get into a game.

    Finally, I don't think Miller has much confidence in Chol. If he did we wouldn't have this discussion. Some of that is warranted. Chol, earlier in the year would make dumb offensive plays. He has reeled that in and now looks much better. Everytime he comes into the game now he does something good. But for some reason Miller just doesn't believe in him.

    Anyway Shereen, I am right with you and your family. I love Chol, think he could do a lot for the team, and think he should play more. Thanks again for the comment.

    Here's to a happy March Madness Season!!