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I have been a Dallas Cowboys fan since 1989, ironically when Jerry World began and the Cowboys were 1-15 (what a time to become a fan). Watching the Cowboys in the 90's was a pleasure, even after the glory days. Heart burn has almost been a guarantee for every game the last 13 years, but I digress. With basketball I have become a fan of the Phoenix Suns you know that team that took it to game 7 verse the Bulls and had a thrilling triple overtime win just to lose it all in the end, yep those same Phoenix Bums. The are starting to look good and I most admit living in AZ , it became hard not to jump on the band wagon; though I am now in Tennessee. I once followed the Mavericks but Mark Cuban disgusts me more than any owner in sports (Al Davis you are up there too). I also follow the Texas A&M Aggies, as long as we beat the Longhorns I am happy. Last but not least the Oakland A's are my base ball team that has been dormant since the glory years of when steroids were legal and Canseco and McGwire were on fire. Other than that I just love sports and football is my passion.

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