I'm a long time braves fan that holds these truths to be self-evident:
Firing Bobby Cox was a stupid error
Joe Torre destroyed the braves pitching staff in the early 80's
Replacing Marquis Grissom with Kenny Lofton was a bad Idea (My mother is still bitter)
Gregg Maddux was the greatest pitcher you will ever see
Bobby Cox has had an impact on developing key players for championship teams for the past 20 years.
Schuerholz is as great a GM as Branch Rickey and Larry Mcphail.
Having a pitcher with the name Kenshin is awesome. (I think it means god of war)

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  • Jonathan Stilwell posted 1612 days ago

    Jonathan Stilwell

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    Jonathan Stilwell

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  • Andrew Brining posted 1787 days ago

    Andrew Brining

    As someone who writes articles yourself, I think it's particularly miserable for you to call me out re a lack of understanding and then cowardly slink off when I prove you wrong.

    If you have the "courage" to set the record straight, maybe you should have the backbone to admit when it as already straight be begin with.

  • Jonathan Stilwell posted 1796 days ago

    Jonathan Stilwell

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    Jonathan Stilwell

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  • Michael W posted 1822 days ago

    Michael  W


    How have you been, hope all’s been well.

    I just wrote a new article on the 10 best left-handed starting pitchers of all time.

    If you get time later, check it out and let me know what you think.

    It’s at:



    Talk to you later

  • Jonathan Stilwell posted 1891 days ago

    Jonathan Stilwell

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    Jonathan Stilwell

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