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  • Marshall Zweig posted 1829 days ago

    Marshall Zweig

    I'm glad you said that, Jeff. To me it's in no way a Chinese issue. Jeremy Lin happens to be this season's face of what's wrong with the game. But if written last year, it would have been someone different.

    And I agree that there's nothing we can do about it, as long as the NBA thinks it's a successful marketing tool. But somewhere in the comments, I posted All-Star ratings: They've declined significantly. So at some point, maybe the NBA itself will revisit the situation and admit their mistakes.

    (Although if they didn't admit game six of the 2002 Lakers-Kings series was rigged, I don't think they'll ever admit anything...)

    Thanks again for writing!


  • Marshall Zweig posted 1829 days ago

    Marshall Zweig

    I'd agree with what you said, and in fact, I said as much in a couple of reader comments. I think rather an an issue of EQ or's simply an issue of Q! You know about the Q Score?

    I'd only reframe one thing you said: it's not so much my understanding that's different than the NBA management, because I know what they're doing. What's different is my belief about what the game and the term should be and mean.

    But yes, essentially, I agreed with and loved your comments...thanks for sending!