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  • Wendy Peffercorn posted 1080 days ago

    Wendy Peffercorn

    Darrel Royal head to head record vs longtime friend Bear Bryant: 4-0-1. There you go, fixed it for you.

  • Wendy Peffercorn posted 1080 days ago

    Wendy Peffercorn

    Darrel Royal head to head record vs longtime friend Bear Bryant: 4-0-1. Facts are stubborn things.

    Apparently your coach was so bad he had to learn it from Texas. 7-1 all time, sit down cupcake.

  • Mr Avon posted 1415 days ago

    Mr Avon

    LOL he really is. This dude thinks Florida dominates football. Anyways you're from Statesboro? I got fam down there and I'm from union city

  • RubberDuck TenFour posted 1415 days ago

    RubberDuck TenFour

    It's all good there brother. 11-2 for both our programs this year. Still great years for both programs, though I know many may not see it that way. All the more reason I can't wait for next year. With that new playoff system, losing a total barn burner like (Oregon Stanford last year in overtime, Alabama Auburn this year) and so on... won't completely destroy a season, and take you completely out of the equation. I felt for the Tide this year because their season reminded me so much of Oregon's season last year. Oregon lost one game, (ONE FRIGGIN GAME) in overtime, by what came down to a missed field goal against Stanford, and that took them out of the National Championship game, and a conference championship game. Played a similar game this year with Stanford on a limping Mariota, and DeAnthony Thomas out for 5 weeks this year, and it all kind of piled up into an embarrassing loss against Arizona. Fortunately the Ducks were still able to suck it up and finish strong against Mack Brown's finale and the longhorns.

    I wish we could've seen the game that everyones been begging for the last couple of years (OREGON VS BAMA) but... maybe we'll get lucky and get to see that one in the upcoming playoffs. I know your Tide will recover, they're not going anywhere considering the recruiting classes they always get, and the genius Saban is every offseason. Ducks have got several key players coming back (Mariota for sure, and now it appears DeAnthony Thomas as well according to an instagram message he posted online. So theres a good chance we'll be quackin next year yet again as well. If not the playoffs, maybe we'll FINALLY get to see Alabama Oregon in a Title Game???? Hahaha... we can always dream right? Anyway, Have a great offseason and happy new year brother.

  • RubberDuck TenFour posted 1503 days ago

    RubberDuck TenFour

    Hey there brother. I've seen a few comments on the boards with you on them. Most Duck fans are perty realistic and football knowledgeable, but just like the tide or anyone else, we've got a few we wish weren't trying to represent the whole. Know what I mean? You're always quite sensible in your debates and I for one, as well others, can truly appreciate that. I'm actually pulling for your Tide this year, because I'd love to see a Bama Oregon Title Game to finish off this BCS era thing. Epic send off in my opinion.

    Anyway, take care for now brother. Just wanted to let ya know.

  • Mista Amazing posted 1592 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    GA>GSU but I support GSU too. Go Falcons and Braves, but Bama is horrible.

  • Kitty posted 1638 days ago


    Pet Mullet! Great name. from a Tide fan in Longhorn country.

  • Kelly McAvoy posted 1781 days ago

    Kelly McAvoy

    Just wanted to say I love your picture and alias. Roll Tide! ROLL!