Todd Scheid

Todd Scheid


I enjoy watching college basketball with a passion. I think that the attitude and drive is more intense in college than in the professional. In particular, I love watching Duke, Syracuse, and Notre Dame basketball. I love watching Mike Krzyzewski coach the Blue Devils and he has had such a tremendous and wonderful career while stationed at Duke University. I believe he is a brilliant coach and is one of the best to ever be involved in the wonderful sport of basketball.

Even though I love those three teams with a passion I still give credit and enjoy watching other teams play. I have knowledge of many other teams and I keep track of the statistics of other players and coaches. I love conversing and discussing college basketball with people because it is probably one of my favorite topics to discuss. When I meet someone that has an immense amount of knowledge about basketball I am pleased and excited that someone else puts the same time and effort that I place into this sport.

I would love to become a coach one day for maybe a high school or a smaller division. I love to teach and I love to see players progress in a sport, which is why I believe I am so mesmerized and amazed about college basketball since it is a transitional stage from becoming great high school basketball players to outstanding college players. College basketball also prepares the player for the professional career of basketball which is the ultimate goal. I believe college is the most significant and important stage for a young player who is trying to better their selves to join the rest of the elite athletes.

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