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  • Chris Higgins posted 2 days ago

    Chris Higgins


  • William Berry posted 3 days ago

    William Berry

    Hey get on The Panthers bandwagon. I know we have a change coming this year....we will be winners....period

  • Tiffany Brennan posted 7 days ago

    Tiffany Brennan

    You're welcome!

  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 32 days ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan

    That's great.

  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 33 days ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan

    How are ya?

  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 33 days ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan


  • кому интересно пишите:

  • The boxer Klitschko from Ukraine - pro-American! It supports the new illegal Ukrainian power which came by revolution and overthrow with support of the American politicians! As also Klitschko receives the financial help from America to support this illegal Ukrainian power. This new illegal pro-American government uses the weapon, volley hail systems, tanks and phosphorus-incendiary bombs against peace and unarmed inhabitants! And Klitschko too supports it! PEOPLE, Klitschko - the fascist because it, supports this fascist power which by means of America came to the power in Ukraine! People, tell at home about this boxer Klitschko - he isn't worthy the champion titles and awards! Klitschko - a condom!

  • Tiffany Brennan posted 42 days ago

    Tiffany Brennan

    You're welcome, Giancarlo!

  • Delores Smith-Johnson posted 54 days ago

    Delores Smith-Johnson

    Hi, Giancarlo! You're welcome. No apology is needed. We are all human. I am always glad to assist. Have a great day!

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