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Hi folks! As you may have already noticed, my name is Jen. I live in Sevierville, Tennessee with my husband, but I grew up in Cincinnati and I will always be a fan of Cincy's professional sports. I especially like the Bengals - someone has to! I do try to keep my rooting to a minimum as my attention tends to jinx the teams I'm watching. You can blame the last few years of Bengal banality on me despite what the news reports may say. Because of living here in Tennessee, I have been forced to like University of Tennessee football and basketball. If you don't root for the Volunteers they escort you to edge of town and kindly ask that you never return until you can bleed orange. Luckily the orange I bleed for the Bengals is close enough to the Volunteer orange that I can scrape by. Also, their teams are good and entertaining to watch and win a good portion of the time which is a welcome change of pace. You haven't been to a football game until you've been to Neyland Stadium. It's crazy. I also enjoy watching the Titans and the Colts as their games are the only ones played regularly here. Not to mention Peyton Manning has reached demi-god status here. I personally enjoy softball and volleyball, although my participation is severly limited these days by creaky joints and general out-of-shapedness. By the time my body adjusts to playing, the season is over. I suppose that's all I've got to say! :)

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