Anthony  Casale

Anthony Casale


I love all sports but, mainly the big 4. If i were to pick 2 to live with the rest of my life it'd be Baseball and Hockey.

I am in the last year of my college career and, as most people are, confused as to where i am going to land afterwards. I messed up by not staying in baseball, i played for a year in college and left cause i didn't like the school and went to a school that the coach didn't take walk-ons... :(. I was later told I'd easily be a number 1 pitcher and the coaches should have done more to keep me there. I miss the game so much hearing that was a shot in the heart. I don't want a job unless it has to do with sports, as much as i don't think i would get it, i would love to be a baseball scout.

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  • steve h posted 2804 days ago

    steve h



    Get in touch w/ me.

    Your pop has my #.

    I have a freind, local football sports figuire, that you may

    want to interview for an online posting here.


    Steve H.

    p.s. have pop call me.

  • MJ Kasprzak posted 3468 days ago

    MJ Kasprzak

    Hey, Danielle Marchelle and I are now the co-community leaders on the Sharks, and we're looking for writers to help with a favourite Sharks player and favourite Sharks moment. No timeline on it, but we want to keep posts coming over the summer to draw attention to the greatest team in the league! An article about the draft (pre- and post-), free agency, and the hiring of Todd McLellan would also be welcome!

    Look for our articles on these subjects and let us know what we can do to help you on yours!

  • MJ Kasprzak posted 3497 days ago

    MJ Kasprzak

    I make it a policy not to become a "fan" of someone based on only one article (I don't care about the Pirates so I can't use that one, either), but I defintely liked this enough to want to read more. Do me a favour and post a note on my bulletin board when you write your next so I can make sure I don't miss it.

  • Andrew Austin posted 3499 days ago

    Andrew Austin

    Lmao, how did you post a note on my wall? Were you still here? Lol.

  • Andrew Austin posted 3500 days ago

    Andrew Austin