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I'm 18 and a freshman in college. I like the Yankees, but I enjoy learning about all of the other teams as well. One thing that annoys me the most is when you say "We" when referring to your favorite team. You most likely have nothing to do with the team. "They" is more appropriate. The other thing that really annoys me is bandwagon fans or people who claim to be Yankee fans who think the Yankees can get anyone on the market just because they are the Yankees. I love to talk baseball so if anyone wants to talk just write on my profile.

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  • mark mcdonald posted 908 days ago

    mark mcdonald

    Oh, and Hart's never played a full season, so they're used to it without him.

  • mark mcdonald posted 908 days ago

    mark mcdonald

    Hart's overrated, he only hit .270 last year. this year, Aoki will be better, Rickie Weeks was excellent in September, and they haven't lost anybody, so i think they'll be good. And the Cards made the playoffs last year, and Lance Lynn will have more experience this year, so I think they'll both make it. Just my opinion. And the Dodgers fell apart after Kemp got hurt last year, and I just have a hunch he'll get hurt this year too. And the Braves will keep the Nats out by dominating the games they play

  • mark mcdonald posted 909 days ago

    mark mcdonald

    AL east- yankees
    AL central- tigers
    AL west- angels
    AL wild cards- white sox, rays
    NL east- braves
    NL central- brewers
    NL west- giants
    NL wild cards- cardinals, reds
    as for the blue jays, i learned by the angels last year that you cant just take a team for granted

  • mark mcdonald posted 910 days ago

    mark mcdonald

    hey- just curius, whos your pick for each division next year?

  • Kenny DeJohn posted 919 days ago

    Kenny DeJohn

    Hey Ryan, thanks for checking out my profile.
    Yeah, so I have recently become a Nationals fan. This actually happened before last season even started. I'm a Featured Columnist for them on here, and writing about them on a weekly basis has made me respect what they're doing over there. I can definitely say it's much easier to be a writer when your team is winning, so that's why I've taken such a strong interest in them.
    If it's any consolation, I'm still Yankees all the way!

  • mark mcdonald posted 919 days ago

    mark mcdonald

    Remember that you said John Thornton would not get a message next year at this time. Remember it. Remember you said that, because you're wrong and I will message you next year at this time to prove it.