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Craig Mallaby

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My name is Craig Mallaby and i come from the North East England, Darlington. I am currently doing a Degree in Music (BMUS) at Newcastle University and i also work part time at Somerfield, Cockerton. My interest in Formula One can be tracked as far back at the mid 90's, due to the series of Playstation games. I remember my Dad and Uncle watching Formula One and grew to love it myself between 1998 / 1999. I started to support Michael Schumacher. 1999 gave me a preview of what the post-Schumacher era would be like, and i really couldn't wait for him to be back, and at Malaysia he showed an impressive comeback. I am still getting used to F1 after Michael Schumacher and of course the end of Ferrari dream team (Ross Brawn, Jean Todt etc).

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